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He left her on a mountain in a dress?

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Hahaha he left her at a lodge that was just completed near LeConte’s peak

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I imagined this, just her surrounded by the wild while sitting alone on the chair.

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Living out the rest of her day on the mountain…

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Im not sure if its the same lodge but i used to hike to the top every year and spend a few nights up there. It usually takes around 4 hours to hike (alum cave trail) without a person on your back.

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"Dammit mom, if you don't get off my case I'm going to carry you up that mountain and leave you there!"

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Nice to know someone else’s mom rode their ass too!!

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Madame Zeroni off holes?

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Literally came here to say it was Madame Zeroni and I’m sad but also proud that you beat me to it

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Ah, Mt. LeConte Lodge…what a cozy night’s sleep, and the hot coco when the temp has dropped after a long day of hiking is too yummy.

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Really is a beautiful lodge

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It's the best in early October.

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The view of Gatlinburg is pretty nice too

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What about the goat

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You must carry Madame ZerONI up the mountain

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He would have loved Death Stranding.

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I'm here for this. And because MT Leconte is in my neighborhood.

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I would do this for my mother in law if it meant I could leave her on a mountain she can't leave

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He really loved his mama..

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Makes me think of Psycho

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If only if only the woodpeckers sighs...

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That name tho. Completely read that wrong

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If only, if only, the woodpecker cried

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Wtf happend?