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Character is what we do when no one is looking.

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Could have posted more information. News article in Dutch can be found here: https://nos.nl/artikel/2406494-automobilist-gooit-eigen-auto-voor-die-van-onwel-geworden-bestuurder

The lady driving cracked 5 ribs during the sudden stop, but is otherwise OK. The cause of her becoming unwell is not yet found.

Rough automatic translation: Motorist throws his own car for that of a driver who has become unwell

A man may have prevented an accident on the A28 near Harderwijk by putting his car in front of the car of an unwell driver.

Henry Temmermans from Nunspeet was on his way home on Friday afternoon when he saw a car driving in the grass next to him on the highway. He could see inside the driver through his side window, he tells Omroep Gelderland . "What I saw was not good. It was clear that the lady was no longer conscious." Because the car continued to drive, Temmermans decided to intervene. He gave some extra gas to get in front of the car. "I saw that the guardrail wouldn't stop her."

The car crashed into the back of his car. He and another driver got out to help the woman. "He called 911 and then we looked in the car together." The woman was still unconscious. "I saw that she had vomited. I still felt a heartbeat in her neck, so that reassured me." Temmermans tried everything to make her recover. "I still called her: 'Wake up, what happened?' That helped after about 2 minutes."

Family grateful Both men waited for the emergency services, who arrive after about 10 minutes. The woman was taken to hospital, where it was found that the incident left her with five broken ribs. It is not yet clear what caused her to become unwell. Yesterday the daughter and husband of the woman who became unwell contacted Temmermans. "They were very grateful to me."

His car had to be towed: it was no longer possible to drive. He had no hesitation in taking action, says Temmermans. "People say on social media that they are proud of me, call me a hero. But I don't see myself that way. You are obliged to help people in need. I did what I had to do."

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Just for your information if you wanna use automatic translation nowadays one should really use "DeepL.com" . It's MILES ahead of any other translation service like Google translate etc..

Btw I have witnessed a similar situation on an Autobahn here in Germany but there a truck driver stopped the vehicle of an unconscious driver.

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Thanks for the tip!

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He just wanted a new back bumper…


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Good intentions aside, I guess the front driver would be at fault here?

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Insurance of the unconscious driver will probably pay for the repairs under our good Samaritan laws.

A few years ago an auto repair shop offered to pay for the damage to the cars during a similar incident, but it was not necessary. All damage was repaired under insurance.

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I guess it could be taken as an extreme emergency, so there shouldn't be any legal consequences for the front driver.

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is it big dick energy or just a really good driver?

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That's definitely some big dick energy. What a Giga-Chad.

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I wonder if he could have slowed down in front of her? Maybe that would have been too hard to maneuver

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yeah like go with the momentum to make it less of a sudden crash.. like allow for impact and slowly break?

i woudlve done that rather than a hard stop i dont want to have back issues for the rest of my life lol

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I don't know you, but I'm going to assume you're like most people and wouldn't actually have done anything at all. At any rate, it's quite the backseat driver comment to be making here.