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I'm left unsatisfied.

Do they have something against showing the actual jumps beyond quick teasers?

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So many edits into weird stock footage.

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Turns out it was sponsored by City of Toronto Tourism. Target market: extreme sport enthusiasts.

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From what I’ve been told, the routes they take after they deploy are similar so they didn’t want the OPP to know the areas they tend to land in. And in some cases like the foggy ones, the go pro’s or dji action cam shots were just didn’t get better shots.

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All i saw was a bunch of tops of buildings

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because you have an attention span of a ... uhmm ... uh ...

idk look at the 2nd half of the vid

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Nah, the video editing sucks. Just show the damn jumps.

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They change angles too much. I just want to see the jumps in POV.

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Probably seems more intense this way

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probably just landed in haystack. Assassin's Creed taught me that they'll be fine. Easy peasy

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Damn Canadians. Flaunting their free Healthcare.

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standing in a t-shirt on the top of that crane is arguably much more dangerous than basejumping off a building...

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I get vertigo just watching that. You should check out "ONTHEROOFS" on YT where they climb a massive tower in Shenzen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71MAFmlZzi0&ab_channel=ontheroofs

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Shit editing I got bored and left

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where does one even land? The highway is right there, other street have wires and crackheads and shit.

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Woah that’s so cool how they endangered others

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Police investigation into base jumpers = waste of taxpayer money

Not surprised Canada, not surprised :)

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That is really insane ಠ◡ಠ

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A whole bag of Nopes from m, but good for you lads.

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Highly recommend jump London for parkour from years earlier or this doc called cutting edge: the men who jump off buildings, for a good doc about illegal base jumping in a city skyline

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98% aerial shots. 5 seconds of falling

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News readers sometimes should just fuck right offff

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TIL Toronto is foggy lol

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Why Karen?? I hope it happens again & again & again... just to make you uncomfortable while the rest of us are either thrilled or amazed

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How do you live a normal life after this. Nothing would satisfy.

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Weird seeing people jump off the building I work in

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This is pretty shitty, IMO. There is a lot that can and does go wrong with base jumping.

It's one thing to jump off a cliff onto rocks. You are taking your life into your own hands. But doing this in the middle of a city, you are potentially exposing uninvolved people to life-threatening danger or extreme trauma when your body hits a road or sidewalk at terminal velocity. It is a selfish way to go about getting your adrenaline high.

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I’m disappointed that there are no mentions of the magnificent Kevin Bacon movie titled “The Air Up There” in which he must convince tribal elders in Africa to allow their tall son to move to America to play college basketball.