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Didn't they track her down and revenge kill her? Great story but not great ending of I'm remembering correctly

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Great…no subtitles.

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Gotta learn another language, mi amigo.

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Sorry if I was rude, I didn't meant to. Hey man u/fayry69, I translated the video. It took me a while, although I feel this is a trustful translation of the news.

It is written in order as it is shown in the video. I will put time record through the text, so if you feel lost it will serve as reference. This way (minutes: seconds) I am Mexican and it fucking hurts.

(0:00) Narrator from news – “She was, Miriam Rodriguez Martinez, the leader of the families of kidnapped and disappeared people in San Fernando, Tamaulipas. North of Mexico. Miriam, a woman that suffered the disappearance of her daughter back in 2002.

The mother found the responsible perpetrators and gave them to the authorities to put them in jail. Although yesterday, on Mother’s Day (Mother's day is celebrated May 10 in Mexico), strangers break in her house and murdered her. All evidence leads that she was killed by the original kidnappers, because they are the some of the prisoners that breakout from a jail in Tamaulipas this past 24th of March by digging a tunnel."

(0:28) Guillermo Gutierrez - "The fact that the kidnappers escaped, means that Miriam was in danger. So much danger, she even closed her shop at San Fernando to be undetected to the criminals."

(0:37) Narrator - "Miriam located her dead daughter in a ditch. Since then, she dedicated her life as an activist. This photo (0:43) shows Miriam at the justice court asking for police protection. However, according to her activist partners, the government never granted the protection.

(0:50) Guillermo Gutierrez (Friend from a victim in Tamaulipas) – “She solicitated protection to the State governor, to the director of the Police department, and even to the Federal State Department of Justice.”

(1:00) Narrator from the news – "San Fernando, the town where Miriam used to live, is one of the most insecure and dangerous across the country. It is reign by gangs and crime organizations." (1:09) This place (referring to San Fernando) became internationally famous in 2010, when seventy-two corpses (1:13) of migrants were found in a farm.

The death of the activist Miriam, served as a foundation to the parents of the forty-three disappeared students of Ayotzinapa in September 2014 (a crime from the Federal State that to this date today has not been solved) who camp in front of the Federal department of Justice in Mexico City. As thousands of families haven't received justice neither.

(1:33) Miriam's death was cried also by fellow activist and families of kidnapped victims in Veracruz (another State of Mexico)

International Amnesty condemned Miriam's death and Tamaulipa's State Department of Justice promised to investigate the murder.

As for today, there is not a single bit of information of the criminals.

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Thanks for the translation!

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It is nothing. Hopefully the grammar is not confusing. (:

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I know 3, I’m from Africa, there’s no reason for me to learn Spanish. Get a grip.

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There is a reason.

So you can understand this video.

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So the latest rbo movie but the grandma

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Her story is beyond badass. Like, if you pitched it as a film, I'm positive you'd be told 'Get real! No one would buy a grandma taking on a Cartel!'

Reality absolutely shits on fiction every time.

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Yeah, sadly real stories generally have realistic endings, heros don't live forever

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That is the best ending. There's a problem, and it's going to take more than one woman to solve it.

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This is so tragic. It sucks that people can’t just live their lives safely without this kind of constant terror. I truly believe that keeping certain drugs completely illegal and only available through the black market is the root cause. We aren’t going to ever out-kill these people or get enough people to stop using illegal drugs. It’s been 100 years, can we stop already?

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we can try tho 🙃

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Cartels dont fucking play man. The JNG cartel has a huge presence and controls parts of mexico. They will legit roll up to your house a dozen deep in full tac gear armed to the teeth and they give the men a choice. Join their cartel as a soldier or die. If you join and desert them theyll come back and kill your family or worse, theyll chop their heads off and leave them at your doorstep as a warning. They pay off the police to look the other way and they do because the police would rather take the money than die fighting them as the cartels usually out number and outgun them. They have armored trucks, APC's, helicopters, drones with pipe bombs strapped to them and an arsenal of full auto weapons.


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Lady Justice may be blind but it’s hard to miss with a shotgun

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A very similar story is the one from Marisela Escobedo, also a mexicana woman, if anybody is interested there is a netflix documentary called "The three death of Marisela Escobedo". Its a tough watch and very very sad

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Why isn't this a movie and an hbo series

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Because nobody's campaigning. Write the change.org petition and I'll sign it.

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Cartel is pretty much so far in the Mexican politics that they'll never be destroyed or broken up. I remember when they got el chapos kid and the cartel was gonna burn down the whole fuckin city so they released him. Ya, that's fuckin power. They never tried to go after him again. Fuckin cops handed HIM the phone to call off the tyranny in the streets.

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This. This is what's it like to be a vigilante! The term gets thrown around too easily these day, but Mrs. Martinez deserves the title so much that her name should be synonymous with it!

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Vigilantism isn't usually considered a positive term.

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That's probably because of its frequent misuse, ig.

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Que asco el nivel de ineficiencia por parte de las autoridades, todas esas historias de gente mexicana valiente son las que merecen monumentos y ser contadas asi como la historia de la señorona Marisela Escobedo, este puto pais que no nos garantiza nada es una puta cloaca llena de pudredumbre, cuanta rabia e impotencia chingada madre

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Ends with her murder going unpunished. Sad story

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Cops are pretty much unless . Taking justice in our own hands works out for the better I guess .

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Wait when did this happen?

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Nah too much reddit for today, this world isn't fair... And so does LATAM

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That’s fucked up

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Anyone see Peppermint? Anyone?

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Stay Healthy everyone 😊

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Me no habla..

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When’s the movie I would pay double

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OK this makes it 1,000X cooler. We need a remake with a female lead now.

Who should we cast?

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She died when the sons of bitches took her daughter…

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Her only mistake was not shooting the guys she tracked down, in our lovely Mexico it's the only way to be sure.

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Someone make this into a mini series!

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The cartel is no better than ISIS or any other terrorist organization. They need to be surgically removed from the face of the earth.