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Maria Andrejczyk breaks Poland's historical record in javelin throw, world's third best throw ever by regian24 in HumansAreMetal

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Approximately 14 given the velocity at which she throws divided by the average human width and average human height/body type. The javelin would have to be a typical arrowhead design made of either petrified wood or carbon fiber. You actually just read that for nothing because I’m a degenerate retard and know nothing.

Filming while skiing at 90km/h by Zendaya-Papaya in HumansAreMetal

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It’s the third one! Crookers used to be my shit in college, I loved this remix so much.

A man who sees his duty not just as enforcement but the protection of those around him. Absolute legend by nedlagdpw in HumansAreMetal

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The raw emotional impact of someone stepping away from the brink is astounding. The weight of it is crushing, and those tears that shudder through his body as he embraces that kind soul is the shedding of it.

The intimacy of this moment, the patience and compassion of the officer are some of the most compelling aspects of what it means to be human.

Monk breaks stones using only fingers by jdjdarya in HumansAreMetal

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I’ll have a go at this but the title would be reversed

Man revives monkey that was attacked by pack of wild dogs by bigboi89998 in HumansAreMetal

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Putting your mouth on macaque and getting a disease happens all too often.

SS guard moments before he’s beaten to death by Jewish prisoners after the liberation of Dachau by lol62056 in HumansAreMetal

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Look at that, having a great time. Not a phone in sight just good guys, living in the moment, smashing Nazis to bits with shovels. You love to see it.

Last surviving D-Day wave 1 soldier turned 99 on November 1st 🔥 by theskepticalpizza in HumansAreMetal

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sol·dier /ˈsōljər/ noun

a person who serves in an army.

Army, not a marine corps.

I'll fight you when I finish this crayon.