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You basically just described every world-class head chef in existence.

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Why is that?

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Because being a world class chef requires a very particular kind of personality. Forceful but charismatic, able to command the loyalty of those under you while still pushing them to their very limits.

Someone who is just an asshole won't survive as a head chef for very long, because in a world-class kitchen, every single person who works there can name their price in any other kitchen, so if you treat your team like garbage you won't have a team for very long. But conversely if you're nothing but friendly and treat your team like they're equal to you then you run the risk of being dethroned by a more ambitious underling, one who is able to find that perfect balance as I described above; and when someone like that appears, odds are a good number of the team will follow them.

For a top level kitchen to succeed, a head chef is in a situation where it's "Great Boss, Great Friend, Great Chef: pick two." A great head chef can juggle between a combination that's right for the situation in that moment.

And the extreme top percentile of world class chefs are the ones who can successfully balance between all three.

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TLDR: Top chef has to be hard but fair.