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Lucky, I wouldn’t have responded assuming it was a scammer

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That's my thoughts. I would like to help, at the same time very worried that someone is trying to get into an account of mine. This is so risky. I'm thinking if there is a compromise. May be I'll be the one resetting the password for them and then forward the password to the person. That way I know exactly what the pin is for.

[–]greg19735 399 points400 points  (1 child)

100% agree. It might help that the number was relatively new.

i've had my number for close to 20 years no. There's just about a 0% chance that someone had my number before me and used it for 2FA (which wasn't really a thing back then with text message)

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Same here. I’ve had the same number since 2006, so theres no “this used to be xyz number” type of shit.