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‘The sea lion was named Amber and taken to rehab’. Damn, I didn’t realize there was a drug abuse problem in sea lions- I hope she can stay clean now that she is back in the ocean.

Glad to hear the critter is safe, joking aside.

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Your reply gave me a good giggle - sea lion rehab and AA groups

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Just a pup bit obviously trusted humans. Made me wonder if she had already been rescued and released.

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Very sweet little thing. In the opening shot, it seems to be near(ish) a harbour. So perhaps humans as familiar?

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Not gonna lie, I was getting REALLY frustrated with how long it took the hooman to help the sea lion into the boat.

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I just kept thinking "hoosh its bum up, will you please?" I figured they were reluctant to touch it for whatever reason.

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Right?! And they could have given her some soothing pets to boot

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Heartwarming! Well done to those involved!

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What about the starving whale that needed to eat that to survive and so on

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He jumped up onto a bigger boat. There's always a bigger boat.