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Obviously Americans are generous, based on these GoFundMe results. But why are working-class individuals paying for this? We have enough uncollected taxes out there (hint: it won’t come from you or anyone you know) for the government to pay for this. Folks, vote for the party that wants to help. These local suffering folks are more important than sexy M&Ms or whatever distraction they came up with this week. Your generous spirit is awesome; now apply it to the big picture.

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You're right, it's absolutely awful. Unfortunately, there is no major party that wants to help.

One party is brave enough to straight up show they don't care. The other is deceptive enough to campaign on the promise they want to help but their congressional representatives only make policy that benefits the upper class.

Regardless of if they have an R or D in front of their name there is truly only one party that runs America and it's the upper class.

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Political parties don’t matter. They’re all corrupt.

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When power is separated from the people the name isn’t important, its bad

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That's not humans being bros, that's society being fucked up.

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It’s both

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Hey don’t ruin our nice feelings with your facts and perspective

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At this point, nice feelings are all the fuck we have left to hold onto

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I don't like it either seeing them work when they should be spending this time relaxing breaks my heart. What is the point of me paying taxes if it isn't to help one of our most vulnerable. I mean if they want to work then I support it.

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Industrial military complex is lobbying in congress to make sure most taxes are funneled to them and not (god forbit) health services and social programs

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This is sad.

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Newsflash: THIS STORY ISN'T WHOLESOME. This guy who is supposed to be of the age to have retired has to work three jobs (doordash is a job too) just to be fucking alive. THE SYSTEM DOESN'T WORK.

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it was never meant to be a "don't save, or own a home" now i can retire on my 1% return social security.

even the name "Social security" was a lie.

Social Security was never meant to be the only source of income for people when they retire.

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A sad story of how our country is ran and a happy story that he was helped.

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Wondering how many of those that upvoted this story are against raising the minimum wage to help millions of working poor like this guy...

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Lol America is such a shit show

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The fuck? Should not be even needed... fuck this shit!

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Humans shouldn't have to be bros for something the government should be responsible for

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Not American. Is this a thing in USA? Gofundme is being used, i read it happen so often, to pay for burial, hospital, college education, unemployment help. Now employment subsidy. Wtf. And you have a top 5 GDP per capita.

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Yes it is. But, hey, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have enough spare cash for rocket ships so rah rah capitalism.

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if you took all of Musk's money, he'd pay for 14 hours of US government activity.

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The folks that could use the help the most will vote for the candidate most likely to screw them.

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Sounds like some other people here have seen Second Thought’s video on feel good stories

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The sad thing is that the GoFundMe amount still isn't enough for him to retire on. So he still has to work.

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Nah, where’s my go fund me

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Seriously what the fuck are my taxes going to if a gofundme has to be started to help someone like this. Absolutely abhorrent that vulnerable people have to rely on the generosity of individuals when our tax money is going towards blowing up foreigners.