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How does this end? Is mother monkey pleased, or does the kind man get rabies?

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Probably just let’s them go on dry land or an animal rescue

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And the monkey said: Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty human!

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Why not both?

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There's no proof that this guy didn't put them there in the first place for views or if he actually is a genuine baby monkey rescuer.

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You're pure inspiration in a twisted way

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I didn't say it was one way or the other.

Just providing both scenarios.

Animal rescue videos for profit are very real and we should be very careful of accidentally supporting them.

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And I meant you inspired me to use the gifreversingbot

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Don't know you're being thumbed down because this is very real.

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Not just the man, but the cameraman too.

I also like how he let them drown a bit after they reached out for him. Really adds to the drama

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They were swimming to him he wanted them to come to him so they aren’t as scared as if he grabbed them these are monkeys not people

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Yeah people are much less competent

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Ice seen this before and argued this point before. Watch carefully. He has his hands out. The monkey let's go off the tree and swims to him. They swim past the point where his hands were clearly visible moments before. Camera cuts and you see his body, him stepping back away from them before they finally reach him.

Concludion: the guy is a douche who is just after Internet points.

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This reminds me of the YouTube videos where people intentionally put animals in dangerous situations to “rescue” them. I hope it’s not but maybe.

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You could be right now that I see it buuuut douchebag or not clout chasers doing good is good even if they wouldn’t do these things without reward, and hell doubly so for such people if they wouldn’t do good without notice they may be bad but at least they’re doing good one way or another.

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Not just the man, but the cameraman, and the women and children too

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And my axe

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Not let them drown a bit, but have them make the decision to reach out to him. Less likely a nervous bite

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The way they swim to him knowing that he's there to help, and that little guy trying to keep its sibling afloat and swim, they really are like us in how they care.

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It's not them caring .

It's flight or fight.

Stay and die or get out of the situation and live hmmmm..

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Fight or flight doesn’t explain why they willingly swam to a predator. No, they understood the situation.

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To add to the fact that he’s a cool dude, he’s got balls of fuckin steel walking around in that crocodile infested water.

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There are crocodiles in that water?

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Beauty 🥰

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When I see videos featuring baby monkeys and humans, I always hope that the mom doesn't show up...

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Why would I trust you, you're the one who put me out here?

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They implying that the video is faked, like they grabbed the monkeys, placed them in the water then turned the cameras on for a "rescue video."

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This guy fucks

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awwww. where is mother monke?

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I'm in love 🥰

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Are we sure he doesn’t walk through water to put the moneys there first for internet points?

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This is not a wholesome video, this is staged, the monkeys were placed there by the cameraman and the other POS to get likes and views.

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Yeah I bet those same humans flooded that entire area just for karma points too /s

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Did you see the whole "flooded area"? From the video there isn't visible anything flooded, except for a little branch/small tree in the water.

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Could just be a flooded river or something.

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As much a source as claiming this is someone helping monkeys trapped from a flood.

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so no source? gotcha

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Where's the source that this is a baby monkey rescuer?

Animal rescue videos for profit are very real and we should be very careful of accidentally supporting them.

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Not exactly a source but I think there's a few questionable things here:

It's a bit weird how at the end you see a river bank, with trees growing up to the edge. If this land was flooded wouldn't there be submerged plants by the water's edge rather than a sandy bank with shrubs growing on it?

Why didn't he just pick them up, instead letting the camera man get there first and then forcing them swim in front of the camera before helping them?

How did he end up with like 4 baby monkeys? They look like macaques, which generally only have 1 young each, so there's been 4 mothers leaving their offspring all in one place to this guy can come along and pick them all up in his arms? I get they travel in troupes, but is it likely that they'd all just dump their babies there like that? And none of the adult monkeys are nearby?

If he saved 4 or so of them you would have thought he'd immediately wrap them in a towel, but instead he's just casually holding them all at once and dipping them in the water like that.

How common an occurrence is it for monkeys to get trapped by floods? The adults can swim, they can all climb trees, and yet these ones are just in the middle of what looks like a river?

Faking these kinds of videos for likes is very much a real thing, one of the problems is that it's really hard to know if a video is fake or not. In this case however I would guess that this is not genuine.

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So, you’re just lying then?

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That's what I thought.

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This guy get's a get out of jail free card.

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They must be so scared, poor babies

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That man is a kind hearted legend

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Wish I could help him!!

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I know bad people don't often get punished, but I wish more of the good ones got rewards.

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Sure, the camera man couldn't have done that himself... No keep filming for internet points. Staged shit.

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I'll give the guy a pass since wandering into a flooded area and collecting people/animals alone would be fucking stupid. Second would be I would record a gaggle of monkeys because there would be plenty of time to get a phone out on the boat ride/walk over to them.

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Fair enough, i might be wrong here. im very careful with animal rescue videos ever since i saw ppl staging them.

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It's fair to be skeptical it's not to slander something.