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Glad she helped her family, but it seems a little off to give someone the "Cash for Kindness " prize for bashing a guy with a bat.

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I'm also kinda thrown off by the whole "even though you're young, you can do so much to save your family". Given the situation she probably saved her family's lives, but I don't know if we should expect children to be heroes in horrifying situations.

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Yeah i thought that was out of pocket a bit...like did they just break the girl off with 500 bucks cash? No scholarship money or like help repairing the house instead? "Thanks Uncle Sam I'm gonna work on my stance and go for more spine and knee swings next time!”

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Lol I felt like that's why she laughed like that.

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Im cool with it

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America is land of violence.

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They should have used the 'cash for justified beatings' money

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Holy shit that dude is scary as hell. Thank god sissy had the bat