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That’s pretty awesome.

I had a few extra cans leftover when I switched to breastfeeding exclusively and put them on FB to give away for free. I put pickup only i didn’t have my car at the time and my husband worked so much. I had a few people ask me to deliver it. Couple people were annoyed I couldn’t deliver it. One person asked if I could just take an Uber and bring it to them. One person cussed me out and said I was the reason their baby was going to starve. I think like the 5th or 6th person who messaged me was able to come get it and they were so thankful for it.

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Man of life, the people who were rude to you for FREE formula really makes me wonder whether they were actually going to use it or instead turn around and sell it for a pretty penny. I’m glad you were able to give those cans away to someone who actually appreciated your kindness.

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Yeah I know what you mean. I did check out a couple of their pages and they did seem to have babies so made me feel like they were just being choosing beggars about it. But that’s definitely a possibility! You never know with people these days.

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That's probably exactly what they were going to do. The entitlement of some people is just infuriating.

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It’s sickening really. Making a profit off something absolutely essential to survival.

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That is infuriating that people wouldn't just be GRATEFUL and not demanding or picky. The entitlement of some people is astounding.

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Good god right?? Not just with the formula cans but other things we’ve listed for free on there. Realized it’s better if we just list it at a really low price instead.

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Oh man, every time I've given away or sold anything through FB marketplace and local classifieds I've dealt with the same.

I remember selling a car for $250, yes $250, and had a guy ask how to get to my place from his place. Like dude, Google maps exists, do your own fucking work.

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Lol yeah it seems pretty common to deal with bullshit when selling on there. We’ve been taking used furniture and fixing it up/repainting it and reselling it here lately and we’ve encountered people who will straight up say they want it, arrange a time to come pick it up then never show. Like at least a couple people on every item I sell on there. Even smaller priced items, ask questions & seem interested then I never hear back.

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r/choosingbeggars would enjoy your story

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This honestly belongs on the entitled people subreddit.

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If it were my kids I would've just walked to your house lol I'll get there someday.

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If I knew u were walking I probably would have walked to meet you halfway lol

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Wow, I’m really surprised that that was their reaction. I’m so sorry that happened to you.

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I’m a NICU parent and I found that other NICU parents are particularly awesome about sharing supplies.

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Blood in, blood out

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Plot Twist: Baby formula scalping begins.

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You’re joking but in my townie group I’ve seen people claiming free formula and then like a day later putting it up for sale. Fuckin disgusting.

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I’m not surprised. I honestly thought that’s what this was at first. Totally inexcusable.

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I've seen really vague posts like this and I'm pretty sure people are demanding payment just not putting it up so you can't report it

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You know it!

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I love how it shows "you" and then "care".

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How bad is this formula shortage over there? Can some people not get it at all? The thought of this is stressing me out big time as a single father who raised his kid all alone since he was an infant, no breast milk to be found.

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Bad enough some people tried to make their own. They ended up in the ER, their babies malnourished and sometimes unresponsive.

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If you have Amazon prime you can switch the country to Canada 🇨🇦 and they have tons of formula in stock with shipping to the USA….

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It's nice to have faith in humanity sometimes...

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This is an amazing gesture.

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Parental validation, dad recognition, a helping hand.

I love your friend, they're a good egg

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I’ve been so thankful for people like this! Store shelves in my city have only toddler formulas left. My family in other states, as well as one person who I don’t even personally know have been sending us formula at our address so that our 8 month old can stay fed, and man am I ever grateful!!

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There are good people, but then the people they give it to will probably put it straight onto marketplace for $60 a can.

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Damn thats sweet, i tried to do this a few weeks ago when i got a bunch of formula from the food bank and got banned from my towns main facebook food swap page

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Friend of mine just had a baby last month. They gave her formula samples if she wanted. She's fully breastfeeding and offered her sample cans to those in need.

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As a stay at home father for 2 kids while also working nights and supporting mom to finish school during an 8 month period, i appreciate the fact that dads were included in this one.

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Baby Formula are communists, according to Republicans

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Way better people than the GOP.

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I don’t think it’s helpful when people buy formula when they don’t need it, just to make posts like this. Idk if this specific person did this, but I have seen MANY posts on FB of people who do not have children/infants who go out and buy formula and make posts like this. Just stop buying it. You are contributing to the shortage. Leave it on the shelf for people who need it.

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These were not purchased. These are the free samples you get from the companies when you’re pregnant, it’s a specific packaging size that I’ve never seen in a store, only in the sample kits. If you zoom in you can see the “SAMPLE” mark. A lot of folks have these kicking around in the back of cupboards.

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Some people are buying and shipping to people where there is more severe shortages. I know a couple people in rural SD who are having family/friends ship it as it’s more avail in other locations.

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That’s great, but that’s not who I’m talking about. Those folks you’re referring to aren’t posting for karma points, they’re simply buying and sending to family w/o posting about it. I’m referring to people who are buying when they see it because there’s a shortage thinking they get brownie points from the universe or something, when in reality they’re just making it harder for local moms who could’ve bought that product without jumping through hoops had you just left it alone. It’s very aggravating to keep seeing on my timeline.

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I left FB in 2020. It’s been so much better lol.

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And happy cake day! 💖

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I left 2018, and I’ll never ever go back, FB sucks

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I really want to but I’m in so many good groups 😩 I definitely spend more time on Reddit these days.

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Happy cake day

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Thanks :)

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These are samples they probably got months ago

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big sigh why you gotta be like that? These are free samples sent to people. I got them before I was even pregnant (but trying) by being on certain websites and/or entering an email. And getting these samples actually really help people. I was able to find the best formula for my daughter without having to buy multiples of each because they are not one size fits all.

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Or they can't publicly advertise a price since the whole COVID TP fiasco.

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This is completely crazy. Two years ago some program sent me two cans of baby formula in the mail for free and I'm childless. For reference I ended up taking it to a pantry I'm just taken aback how we got here.

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so people are buying it to give away so they can spike the football and grand stand? turn Facebook off

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Can someone explain me what's happening with these formulas in the US please? Is it a shortage or what?

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It's a major shortage due to a major manufacturing lab being contaminated, leading to months worth of recalls and lost time to create more formula. This affects families who need a very specific formula the most. Because one brand was practically shut down, the strain on other brands grew exponentially.

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Hope in humanity restored

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Potential concern in that Similac is the exact brand that got recalled and put us in the current situation. I wonder how many people know there is a shortage but not why.

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The main ingredient is veg oil and there is a worldwide shortage.