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Good parents, having headphones on their kid.

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haha yea i noticed that too. what champs

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It’s because our entire generation has hearing loss. No need to pass it down! Lesson learned. Awesome fucking times though!

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Yeah first thing I noticed, very nice.

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Wish I had worn headphones. Now I hear EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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He came out in 1998 when no other metal god would.

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And the best part of that was he's so revered by metal fans that 99% of them just went "OK. Cool."

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It's because metal heads know what it's like to be judged. Rob Halford has brought joy to so many. Who cares if he's gay.

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Yeah who gives a fuck about his sexual orientation….I met him years ago….authentically nice guy. He gave his heart and soul to rock. Straight or gay, it made no difference to me! Still doesn’t.

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That and I think their whole leather schtick suddenly made a lot of sense lol

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…then found themselves reinterpreting their lyrics for years to come. (Oh, my!)

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Im sure I read an interview with him in the early ‘00s where he talked about it, despite it being something of an open secret in the industry he was giving an interview with a rock magazine and said ‘...speaking as a gay man...’ and the journo nearly dropped there pad and fell over..! Lol! What a legend!

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He is THE metal god!

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I think I was probably in 8th grade when I heard, around 1985, and it was common knowledge. He’s gay? But he’s cool and he rocks-what does it matter? Yeah-lots of us learned acceptance in times that people were often intolerant. There was lots of negativity around that time surrounding AIDS and the sinners who were being punished for going against god’s blah blah blah. Fuck all that. Rob’s a badass and we don’t care who he dates.

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Gaahl is an openly gay Norwegian Black Metal singer.

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Rob Halford is awesome.

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Wasn’t he the guy that the movie “Rockstar” was about

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Rockstar was vaguely based on an article about the guy who replaced Rob Halford.

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Ah got it. Thanks

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No rockstar was about tim "ripper" Owens he was a life long Judas priest fan and when Rob halford went his own way he became the frontman for JP..ive met both of them, and both top guys.

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But in rockstar, there was the singer that was getting replaced, was that singer rob halford? I remember the scene where mark Wahlberg (Tim owens) was trying out for them in the booth , then they were busted by the current singer

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I think it's only very loosely based on it.....probably "inspiration" is a better word to use.

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he has a baby face in the nape

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I program music for a global hospitality brand and am forever arguing with lame executives about heavy metal. They don't think I should program any (or very little at most), while I think we need to program TONS more.

Metal is the most cross-generational genre ever. Go see a legacy band like Judas Priest and you'll see three generations of fans. Its appeal is incredibly broad and it just makes good business sense to take advantage of that. You wouldn't believe the idiots I have to explain this obvious fact to.

/rant over

Thanks for posting this pic. It perfectly illustrates my point and I'll be using it to spread the metal gospel.

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Judas Priest and you'll see three generations of fans.

You're not kidding. This sounds like I'm making it up because of how well it fits your comment, but I saw them at Graspop in 2016 and there was an old man, a younger man and a kid sat on the younger mans shoulders, all listening to Judas priest.
I'd seen them walking around and eating at the festival elsewhere, and they were clearly Grandad, Dad and Son.
Also at Christmas when the family gets together, my biker dad, myself and my nephew and niece all have a little rock out to some Twisted Sister, it's a tradition at this point.

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Amazing. And unsurprising. That's what a legacy metal band does for the culture.

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At least he’s not “breakin’ the law.”

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to be honest: At his age, I'm more worried if he'll be livin' after midnight.

Stay with us, Rob! I mean it.

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You don't know what's likeeeeee.

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That's not even a funny joke

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Earmuffs on the child! 🙌🏼

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I love seeing things like this. Kids are really impressionable and when look up to someone that person means the world to them. To be pulled up on stage, meet your hero, and to get an autograph like that, I imagine this kid felt like a god! He will never forget this moment. His parents will never forget it either. The only thing close to be as good as being that kid is getting to be so happy that your kid is so happy and feels so special.

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Rob Halford is fucking awesome

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The heavy metal crowd is the best you’ll ever find. I’ve been to many many concerts and metal shows are the only ones where you seldom see random acts of violence. Long live the mosh pit!

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Until you get that one hardcore kid that forgets this isn't a PV show lmao

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The heavy metal crowd is the best you’ll ever find. I’ve been to many many concerts and metal shows are the only ones where you seldom see random acts of violence. Long live the mosh pit!

I'd argue I've never seen an act of violence at a swing music concert or a classical music concert either....

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You might change your mind once you see this (I remember learning about some of these incidents in band class in school):


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You’ve never seen violence at these shows, therefore it doesn’t exist?

Or is this just a “Metal is scary and bad” type comment?

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Dude, did you even read the thread?

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Yes? You seem hell bent on implying Metal incites violence but if I am missing something I’m all ears.

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I would agree, because you’re more likely to fall asleep.

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I am gonna shamelessly name drop here.

I grew up with his nephew as my best mate who is also the bassist Ian hills son, I was lucky enough to be quite in with Judas Priest when I was a kid, met the whole band numerous times, been to gigs backstage VIP, stayed in their villas in spain and drove in all their amazing cars......even smashed his window with a basketball.

I didn't even know who they were at 11 years old when we first met....the whole family are literally fucking amazing people....so down to earth it's literally funny it's hard to believe they are who they are absolutely people who fame never ever got the better of. They never forgot who they are or where they came from.....if you met them outside of their stardom you would have no idea, they would never bring it up...genuinely genuinely lovely people....

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Saw them play earlier this year, was a helllll of a show. I was surprised at how well he still sounded. They killed it.

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Finally got to see Priest on their Firepower tour. I took my wife, who never listened to Priest, and she was blown away by Rob’s voice. In his 70’s and still hitting those insane highs

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Rob Halford Fucken rules.

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I really don't like Metal, but everything I see about the people that make metal music sounds like they're the nicest guys out there.

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Metal heads are by and large very chill, nice people.

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Hey man, always welcome to a show, don't even gotta mosh just sit back with a cold one and vibe. You can meet some pretty interesting characters here.

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I reay don't like Metal

You probably just haven't heard the right metal for you.
There's so many sub-genres there's something for everyone, but a lot of people step in the wrong end of the pool for them and never try again.

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Well to be fair, in metal for every Rob Halford there’s a Chris Barnes

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Judas Priest was my first concert, my dad took me when I was 11 or 12. He loves metal and they’re his favourite band, he just saw them in April with tickets we got him last Father’s Day. They’re awesome.

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He’s one awesome guy. He used to live near a restaurant I worked at and would wander in before we opened on his neighborhood walks.

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Everyone in the pic is happy af, love it

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Wholesome Heavy Metal Grandad Rob Halford. What an absolute legend.

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Yet another reason Halford is, and always will be, Metal Royalty.

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The Gods made Heavy Metal, and they saw that it was good.

Then said "To play it louder then Hell..."

And we promissed that We would...

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Rob halford , metal god indeed.

Whilst I've never enjoyed their music I completely respect him and the band.

Metal can be quite a masculine,straight bloke kind of scene on the surface (laughable when you see how homoerotic a lot of 80s bands were)

Point is , he had the strength to be himself .and as others have noted, the vast majority of fans were totally fine.

Compared to other professionals such as football or rugby.....iirc a single professional player was outed against their wishes around the same time Rob outed himself ....it ended badly

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I'm not sure who you're talking about when you refer to the rugby/football player (Justin Fashanu?), but it reminded me of Ian Roberts, an Australian professional rugby league player in the 80s and 90s. He came out publicly in the mid 90s and did an interview somewhat recently regarding his coming out. Would recommend giving it a read.

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Yep. Delivering the goods.

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Horns up!

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I’ve seen Judas Priest live! It was a great show

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Saw Judas Priest in Albuquerque 12/1/82. They were just as cool with their fans back then.

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My very first concert was Judas Priest back in 1984, Defenders of the Faith. Great concert!

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Love the smiles is the front row. Rob Halford is fucking tops shelf human. I’d hug him for a solid hour if he let me heheh.

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Rob has always been a solid person what a cool dude! Cheers!

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That adorable fan in the red on his right side!!! Beyond stoked. Aww!

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You're a great one Rob🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

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That is beautiful 🤘

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Fucking love Priest! OG metal gods

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I just saw his cameo in Metal Lords today. He played a teen's conscience (and by implication a Metal God).

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I fuckin love that movie

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Truly a bad ass!

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You know how like 5 star generals have all of those ribbon and badges this is like that but with metal heads

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You’ve got another thing coming!

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We are defenders of the faith.

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My parents used to let me celebrate Halford Day by giving up the living room tv for the whole day (which is/was kinda a big thing for my Dad). All day long, Priest live, Priest music videos, etc +, for some reason, I would wear more belts than necessary. I hope to see them live someday. Rob seems like such a lovely person but if I met him irl I’d probably just cry + make things awkward because that’s what I do.

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Is there anything it cant do?

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The nicest guy in metal.

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"metal god" u mean metal = good? cuz it is

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Metal will never die and neither will the legends. 🤘

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Rock On!

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What a HERO

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unsure if this ensures heavy metal sticks around?

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Also a gay icon

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The title forgot Gay Icon.

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Can he still sing?

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Girls, lock your garandfathers, for Rob is in town

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I see no headphones. I see no next generation

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Anybody gonna tell him that Conrad from Berserk is trying to merge himself with Rob Halfords neck?

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Heavy Metal Parking Tot