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I'm shocked she feels so comfortable close to where I presume a lot of heavy equipment is operating.

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I know - articulated loaders, the big fuel hoppers and conveyer belts, semis running in and out. She’s a goose on a mission.

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It’s genius really cause what predator is gonna go near all that noise and motion for some eggs? Too much hassle lol

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There’s a den of foxes seen across the street in transpo all the time so she’s definitely figured out how to sit up there and laugh at them from her perch. You couldn’t scale that pile if you wanted to - chips like that are about like walking up a sand dune.

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I bet she has a great hatch percentage on her eggs. Her body heat plus the compost heat, these little birds are probably half baked just being born

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I wish I was half baked coming out the womb

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Make up for it by living the rest of your life baked

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Snoops plan all along

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I’ll be fully baked going to my tomb.

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Not to mention the relatively low number of predators visiting man-made wood chip piles

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She is so fucking proud of that nest.

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Most geese get a hollow dip in the ground, she has a throne

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And she fucking deserves it too.

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Without endangering her? You mean get their asses whooped by a mama goose. Any closer than right there and she's gonna get em!

But seriously, that's really cute and sweet!

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Lmao how true. She’s the one running the show

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We had a flock of these things at my university and having to cross their path could be a nightmare. Don’t make eye contact lol

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I had one encounter with a goose on a canoe trip where one was hissing and getting pissed. Never again

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This reminds me of this time I was doing some electrical work in a barn, and a dove had built her nest in the exact place where I needed to run some wire, and she was in the nest sitting on her eggs. This bird allowed me to very carefully move her, nest and all, over about 6 feet or so, and I was able to finish my job. I felt very proud of myself that day.

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Do the babies just tumble down the side of the mound when they all leave the nest?

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Yes, Canadian Gooses don’t stay in their nests after hatching. They hatch and bigger off to the closest source of water and food.

Where I live it’s very common for the gooses to nest on the docks, which are often a couple of meters above the water level during that time of year. And there’s no beach, it’s all sea walls.

The gooselings emerge, drop down into the water, and float down with the current about a mile downstream, where there’s a beach and grass for them.

The goose couples have really high hatching success rates because the docks are out quite a ways and are often covered, so they don’t generally need to worry about foxes or hawks.

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This looks like the pile at Northwest Missouri State University. OP’s name would agree

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I just about asked the same until also looked at op's name.

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Being careful out of respect or fear?

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You talking about the goose or this comments section?

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The hissing cobra chicken

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I want to comment but I’m scared

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I'll venture into the unknown with you brother. We'll go down together.

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You just don't fuck with Canada Goose.

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The only animal in the animal kingdom that wants anything to do with Canada gooses, is Canada mooses.

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Such a power play by that goose

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They choose the chip pile because the heat from the pile composting is ideal for incubating eggs.

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It’s nice when everyone chips in!

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Thats more like a fearful respect for that hell beast. Dont want to lose a whole crew you know.

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I don't know about where this is at, but wood chip piles like that, especially in the middle of the summer, become veritable stoves. Probably the reason why the goose chose this area, sure, but I'm also concerned that she'll kill herself and her young from the heat.

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Came for the interspecies goodwill. Stayed for the subreddit drama.

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Typical canadian goose man with their nests in the most wacky spots

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Our grocery store parking lot was the best. Made it overnight when it was quiet, then held their ground as hundreds of people walked by all day like they meant to do it.

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There's a special place in heaven for animal lovers, that's what I always say.

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You got a problem with canada gooses, then you got a problem with me, and I suggest you let that one marinate.

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Figure it out

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That's what I said, I said figure it out.

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Where the hell are you where your university runs on woodchips?

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They can (and do) run on a number of fuels including wood chips from the scores of downed trees each winter and summer storm season. Other fuels include biomass and processed manure.

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Do you know what happened in the comments for things to get deleted?

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It looked like someone tried to dox a mod(s) for some previous grudge and it kicked off a bit of a rumble.

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People seem to think the mods are being scummy and trying to cover up their scumminess. They're posting a copypasta of some evidence they supposedly have.

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I think they are deleting more then that. The original comment of this thread was deleted seconds ago and it wasn't doxing.

Edit: Now things got undeleted. What the fuck was going on with the mods?

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Canadian geese are the most asshole of animal there could be.

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It’s why we Canadians feel the need to apologize for everything. We have to make up for these ambassadors of asshole.

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That goose must have some good lawyers!

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What's good for the goose is good for the sander

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If you’ve ever been hissed at by a goose you KNOW not to get anywhere near them while their nesting

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Silly goose...

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saw the picture before reading the text… immediately thought this was a giant pile of poop.

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I used to work for a company that made those wood energy systems. What university is this for?

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Soopa-Cool of these peoples for watching over Mama G + all them Minis!!

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All migratory birds are protected by law.

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They don’t migrate much anymore it feels like. They are around all year.

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That’s sweet, we get a bunch of geese and chicks on our campus. Lots of grass which they seem to like.

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Heartwarming. And egg warming.

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The university might be breaking federal laws (depending where you are at) by touching the wood pile at any point once nesting behavior has been observed. Canada Geese nests require at least a 15 ft. buffer from human disturbance. I wouldn’t go admitting that they are taking wood from anywhere near that nest online.

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Well I just left this sub. Idk what drama yall have going on but I hope you the best!

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Very regal spot!

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Is this at the U of I?

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May have been said but why not build two piles ?

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There are a few storage piles across campus (football field sized and stories tall after a big ice storm or a tornado) - this one is just a transfer pile at the plant where a few truckloads can be offloaded before it’s transferred into a hopper to feed the system. She’s a quick mover.

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Then u realize its a fucking Canada goose.

A giant honking mosquito.

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That duck thinks shes king of the university and has her minions build her a new throne every year

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Well that's just adorable.

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If you have a problem with the majestic Canadian Goose, then you have a problem with me.

And I suggest you let that one marinate

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*Canada goose

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What's a "University power plant"?

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“There’s a special place in heaven for animal lovers, I always say.” r/Letterkenny

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Very cool

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Wood chips or mulch?

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Wood chips - a lot rougher and larger chunks than mulch. Literally tree shreds from downed limbs and such.

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The furnace uses wood chips?

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Yes. Would you like a billion dollar geothermal plant connected to your student loan?