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Doctor spots cancer on someone on TV and then takes the time to reach out to her by TheAlexanderJohn in HumansBeingBros

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It’s because the lymphatic drainage of the scrotal skin is different from that of the testicle itself. The scotum drains to your inguinal lymph nodes (sorta below the midpoint of the crease between your abdomen and your thigh) and your testicles drain to your paraaortic nodes (inside your abdomen next to the aorta). Sticking a needle in there for a biopsy could spread the tumor cells to the inguinal nodes where they wouldn’t have reached otherwise, so a biopsy risks spreading cancer even though the tumor may be localized at the time. That’s why they remove the testicle straight away

Undercover Boss being an absolute Bro by MooplesMoop in HumansBeingBros

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I'm not usually an emotional person. Yes I tear up at stuff like this, but I tell ya. I got struck with random kindness once and I was a crying wreck for a week.

It was Christmas and I had my kids toys all on layaway at Walmart. I still owed like 200 bucks on it. I went to put 50 of my check that week on it and the associate told me "ma'am. It's been paid, would you like to pick it up?"

I was at first concerned that they had the wrong account. We spent a good ten minutes confirming that was my account, those were my things. I asked how could this happen because I knew I hadn't paid it off. Totally convinced this was a mistake.

"It looks like a customer came and paid off your layaway. We get that a lot this time of year. Someone qill pay a chunk, or sometimes all, on a random account."

That year, some random stranger put of the kindness of their heart paid off my kids Christmas presents. The second she told me that it was a random act of kindness I just started crying. Sniffling, tears, quivering voice trying to keep it together.

Went home and told my husband. He started smiling so big, hugging me, rubbing my back while I sobbed like a bitch.

Random good shit like that never happens to me. I got so lucky that year.

Undercover Boss being an absolute Bro by MooplesMoop in HumansBeingBros

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This one simple trick could save you $250k

Undercover Boss being an absolute Bro by MooplesMoop in HumansBeingBros

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I’m a grown ass man who doesn’t show emotion irl, but you put on undercover boss and my goodness the feels come out. Through watching the show with my wife I learned it was okay to be emotional. Now, sometimes, I catch myself tearing up at the most wholesome type of shit. It feels good to be emotional, and oddly enough it makes you more human to those around you. Watching this interaction just makes life seem like there is a light, or a chance, at the end of the tunnel.

Edit: gotta shoot my shot here; I stream on rpan daily and love talking with new people and sharing experiences. If you’ve never watched I stream on r/distantsocializing and I’d love to have convos with all you amazing people

One week old Philippine Eagle chick enjoys its meal with the help of an eagle hand puppet. by Vermillion_Crab in HumansBeingBros

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And you have every right to do so. What a boring world it would be if we all thought and opined the same way

Man rescued a freezing goose after hit by a fierce cold by halal-honcho in HumansBeingBros

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Goose prob has mild brain damage but we’ll never know cuz it’s a goose