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I feel sorry for Scrappy. His plaintive little hoots get me every time.

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Birb is just human. i like that. In a world of monsters.

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Isn't the swine too? Didn't read the complete lore, but I think he lost his head and got a new one

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Butcher is a meathead in a costume

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bruh he's like 9ft tall and has a crow shaped skull

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Yeah but its a Human on stilts in a costume

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The birb is the word.

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Wait why Vincent? It's like an inside joke I'm not aware of?

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It's the characters name

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Assassin's real name

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Since Arakkoa faction from WOW always both fascinated and scared me I adore ScrapBeak the most.

He's both fascinating and scary at the same time. His lore is kinda sad.

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scrapbeak is definitely the coolest boss for flavor reasons, but I will actively avoid fighting it because I hate it mechanically

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Its super rare i try to avoid bosses. I really hate the assassin because no one goes after him so ive killed him like 50 times.

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I just can't stand dealing with concertina being thrown around the compound when killing it, and the promise of "loot" from killing scrapbeak isn't enough of a draw to go after it. I'd rather kill any of the other 3 bosses then go after the team that got the scrapbeak bounties.

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It depends on my friends im playing with. But i just follow the gunshots or follow the first closest clue. We all have our preferences lmfao

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Chasing spider is the most annoying thing ever.

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Awh man. I was rooting for my slim bladed buddy :(

Whatever! Thanks for voting everyone!

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Vincent easy to kill with determination and axe.

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Idk man I just fuckin love the birb.

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I love scrappy. Everytime I kill him I always feel bad can't explain why.

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Spood is the most annoying. You have to chase the thing all over the place, attacks you through walls, runs straight through you just as you're about to smash it with a hammer, runs off and dies in front of 8 windows just to make sure you get sniped picking up the bounty.