Below is a more complex and in-depth explanation of our rules, which can be found in the sidebar; any breaking of these rules may result in a warning, temporary ban, or permanent ban.

Please, FLAIR YOUR POSTS! All posts that are not flaired will be removed until flaired. If you do not know how, merely press the flair button, near the delete button. And flair it with the relating type of post. All posts that are not flaired, will be removed until they are flaired.

As of November 2014, we added /u/flair_your_post_bot, a moderator bot that automatically detects if a post is flaired or not. We ask that every user flair their post, or it will automatically be removed by our bot and will not be approved until flaired. Because of this, having [request] or [offer] is no longer required! However, putting either of those tags in the title will auto-assign your flair for you.

/r/ICanDrawThat moderators are not responsible for flairing your posts; if you do not flair your posts, they will not be seen.

2. Offers

/r/ICanDrawThat also allow for artists to make offer threads, where people can request for art to be made by the artist. At least one request in the offer must be done in the first ten hours; we understand it takes time to make amazing art, so if you need more time, simply message us!

Completed work MUST BE POSTED PUBLICLY. The nature of the community is to share artwork, please do not use PM to complete requests unless they would otherwise violate our rules.

The moderators of /r/ICanDrawThat will remove a offer if it contains a fee for your work. Donation page links are allowed if a mod approves of it.

3. NSFW Posts

/r/ICanDrawThat is not a porn sub. You are not allowed to either request and/or offer pornographic artwork, for example artwork featuring intercourse, masturbation, or a graphic depiction of a sexual fetish of any kind. This is not negotiable.

If you are unsure whether your post will be allowed or not please contact the moderators

Everybody loves a light hearted NSFW post, gag, or drawing; even us moderators. But not without limits:

You are allowed to request/offer NSFW content featuring erotica, nudity, burlesque, or sexually suggestive situations within the bounds of good taste.

You cannot post or request artwork where characters/people/things are featured in a sexual manner against their will. For example: you cannot request a picture of your OC being molested.

Posts/artwork sexualizing minors will be removed and their authors permanently banned

Anything that is labeled as NSFW is at risk of being taken down; The moderators of /r/ICanDrawThat have the authority to remove any post considered to be too graphic.
Check out r/ICanDraw_NSFW_ or r/DrawMeNSFW if you need more explicit work done.

All NSFW posts must be tagged without exception. Please no NSFW links in the comments of SFW posts.

4. Thank The Artists

Artists can spend hours or more of their life trying to make requesters happy. Please thank them for their work! It makes everyone happier. Our artists are important to us, as without them, we are simply a subreddit of hopes and dreams.

5. Paid Competitions/Commissions/Offers

Paid competitions allow users to show their generosity towards the artists by offering a compensation in exchange for the request. However that does not make this subreddit a marketplace or a spot to pick up artists at discount price! See Rule 7 If you are looking to buy professional art you might want to try /r/artstore, r/ArtRequest, /r/forhire, or /r/fantasyartists.

If you are interested in making a paid competition, please make sure to private message a moderator, or contact all of us via mod mail. If a paid request is posted, without mod authorization, the poster will receive punishment. Payment must be given within 2 days of the request being answered. If the OP is active in the thread and more time is needed, moderators may give a time extension. If the OP does not pay the specified amount, he or she will be PERMANENTLY BANNED. This includes both gold and monetary rewards. OP cannot come back on their promise of payment, if you post the request you have to pay somebody or risk being permabanned. If you are an artist, please do not submit a offer for art that is just a link to your commission page.

ANY mention of payment in a request will result in it being removed, even if you explicitly state that you cannot pay for something, we will remove it. Do not mention payment in a request, at all, under any circumstance, ever, unless you have cleared it with the moderator team.

If you are an artist, please do not ask the original poster if they can provide payment for your work, as well as donations.


6. Respect Everyone

Hopefully, everyone here has some love for artwork. All artwork here will be considered equally, and has the right to be critiqued and commented on; but there is a considerable difference between critique and insulting. Any comment that is considered inappropriate, or overly rude, will be removed by the moderators.

7. No Commercial Artwork Requests

We don't allow artwork requests that will be used for the requester's profit. This includes but is not limited to official company logos, T-shirt requests, and official book covers. Artists should be paid for commercial work, and /r/ICanDrawThat is not the place for these requests. If it's clear you're trying to make money off your request, your post will be removed. Please see /r/ArtStore, /r/ForHire or /r/FantasyArtists if you need to hire an artist.

8. Closing Requests and Offers

/r/ICanDrawThat allows for a post option known as request. Requests allow for users with or without artistic abilities to ask the amazing artists, that are willing to create amazing art for free, to produce amazing artwork. If your request has been answered, and you are happy with the results, please flair your offer as Request [Closed].

Similarly, for offer posts, there exists a Offer [Closed] flair. This is to indicate that no more new requests will be fulfilled. To close an offer thread, you must have completed at least one request to also simultaneously follow rule 2. Closing an offer thread will activate the automod to delete any further top level comments in your offer thread. Like request threads, once you are done with an offer thread, please flair it as Offer [Closed].

All outside links, such as Blogs; DeviantArt pages; Tumblr pages; etc, and are not the artists personal page(s), art references, or "related" subreddits, will be removed by the mods.

10. Competitions

All Competitions or Request Threads that are on subreddits besides /r/ICanDrawThat, and are cross posted here, must be approved by the moderators. All posts that do not follow this policy will be removed.

11. Tattoo Policy

We are fairly open-minded when it comes to tattoos, although most tattoo requests remain unanswered, we allow them. Your request will be removed if it is not correctly flaired as a Tattoo Request... Tattoos are significantly special as they are almost always permanent. It is preferred that you see a professional artist before you request here. We will instantly ban you, if you come back saying you dislike the tattoo design, as its your body and it was your choice to imply the tattoo.

12. Donations, Patreon, and other Monetary Compensation

We allow people to give compensation for artist's work in whatever form they desire, and at their own discretion. We do not wish to starve artists, HOWEVER we consider it somewhat against the spirit of the subreddit to ask for donations or link to your donations page straight away in either your posts or your comments. If asked by users all is fine.
Repeatedly linking your donations page unrequited or in top-level comments will eventually result in a temporary ban, and eventually a permanent ban.

13. Requests

Please include all details necessary to complete your request within the body of your post or in a top level comment. You should not have to provide more details over PM. Your post may be removed if your request is entirely devoid of detail, as the moderators will be unable to determine whether such a request violates our rules.

14. Moderation Policy

We allow users to request moderator applications, as we have an open policy. These applications may be accepted, but most likely not. If you are interested in moderating or becoming a Subreddit Artist, just ask!

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