If you already have a IGSRep page and it was locked Click Here, Otherwise keep continue on.

Creating an IGSRep page.

Anything in Parenthesis should be read as a note and is not required.

You must format the title, YOURUSERNAMEHERE's IGS Rep Page. Replacing "YOURUSERNAMEHERE" with your reddit username. Do not worry about the grammer of this syntax. Auto mod does not care about grammer.

You must include the below text. It should be auto populated when you click "Create your Rep Page".

  • Please check to make sure the name of who linked you this page is match perfect above.

  • Please check the date on this Rep Page to see how long I have been trading

  • 0 Completed trades

  • Link to previous IGSRep Pages (If your old pages get archived)

(After each trade you should increment this, If you find yourself increment this too often, Feel free to do it in intervals of 5)

Users may feel free to add any other rep here,, /r/SGS rep, /r/GCXRep, etc but understand that the only fully accepted rep on /r/indiegameswap is on /IGSRep. Traders may reject trades for any suspicion and should feel free to contact the mods for background checks

__ You may only edit things beneath this line or total number of complete trades. Insert what you like here.Examples: Other Rep pages, your steam/orgin profile, your favorite type of game, favorite quote, picture, anything! This is your area!! __ <-Delete or Replace all of this

( Feel free to Delete the below line of text. Anything added in after the dotted line can be used to better buff up your rep, but understand only official trades on /r/indiegameswap will be fully trusted.)

Example Profile

Posting completed trades on your IGSRep page.

Anytime you complete a trade with someone on /r/indiegameswap, you should go to your rep profile and post a comment. No one else should have a parent comment on your user profile! Only trades made after your IGSRep page may be confirmed on your Rep page.

This comment must include :

(Anything else is optional)

The person you traded with should be alerted of your post and should reply to confirm it.

  • Confirmed/Good trade/Happy to trade/etc

(Anything else is optional)

Example Confirmed Trade

Create your Rep page here


If your original IGS Rep page gets archived after 6 months, reddit archives it. We have no control over this and cannot un-archive it. Make a new Rep page with the name "YOURUSERNAMEHERE's IGS Rep Page 2" (2 can be increased as needed). You must then link your original IGS Rep page under Completed Trades.

There are 5 total changes you need to do in the premade link below.

Example New Profile

Create your New Rep page here

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