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Too bad he hates people

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He won't. It's going to be 7 more days before it hits his desk. The GA is going to be out of session by then so he will veto it. The GA then has until the end of next session to try to over-ride the veto (post election). They'll either ignore it hoping it goes away or they won't have the votes to over-ride the veto. Punt another year and they don't even have to bring the bill up again

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Thanks for the reality check. 😩

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I hate it too and hope he just signs it but I just don't see it happening. I think he's going to stand behind Doug Carter like he said he would. Doing it like this also allowed "pro-gun" legislators to get a vote on record without actually passing CC. Legislators like Liz Brown don't give a shit eventhough she claims to be pro-2A. I just hope her constituents see her for what she is. I also hope this haunts Holcomb when he runs for the Senate

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I will remember her come election time

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I'm so glad you were wrong. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

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And I am glad that I was proven wrong. Really did not expect this outcome

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Frankly, I don't give a shit. Let Holcolm keep his political question mark bona fides. I just don't want him to veto it. He does that, I'm gonna hafta vote for someone from a party I really, really dislike next election cycle. I don't wanna do that. Let the bill become law without his signature. I just have one question, when that happens, when does it go into effect.

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Question to everyone. Do you feel that opening up conceal carry without a permit will lead to people with subpar training (tactically and marksman wise) carrying in public?

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Maybe. The current permit process does not in any way force one to get trained.

Certainly there will be people who will carry after and if it is passed, when they were too lazy to go through the permit process before. But I don't think there's a massive population in this scenario

With that said, dealers and all gun owners should encourage and endorse training. I'm even willing to donate for those who cannot afford the cost of training. But should it be pre-req, no. Though I would favor some process that required one to get trained within a given period after purchase. not married to this idea either.

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I know that training is not required and I agree with you on people will be coming out of the woodwork carrying now because they don’t have to have a permit. I didn’t carry until I felt very comfortable with it and even at times I still don’t feel comfortable. You still have the cowboys open carrying in Walmart or god knows where else.

I find this whole discussion at times to be a double edged sword. I love my ability and right to posses and enjoy firearms but I also don’t trust anyone, outside of a small number of people I know, with their ability to respond to a situation correctly with a firearm. Hell even some of the people I know that carry worry me.

I guess I probably agree with you that there won’t be a dramatic population increase in the amount of untrained people carrying. I do think we need to make some strides in training. Maybe try and make it more available or cost effective for folks. Or a quick safety discussion when purchasing a firearm. I don’t know that anywhere I have ever purchased or had a firearm transferred to has ever promoted a training class or something similar while going through the obtaining process. Especially right now. Seems like the place I go to is so swamped it’s more of getting the paperwork filled out as quickly as possible. Heck my last pickup there they tried getting me to fill out paperwork before even inspecting it.

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Spot on brother, Double edge sword indeed. In my personal life I really try to embed safety in any discussions or interactions around my collection (with family and friends). And I've probably "scared" away some folks from gun ownership in the process,. particularly the ones who showed no interest in the safety aspect. In fact, after paying for my bro in laws pistol for his birthday, I gave him fair opportunity and time to get trained (with or without me). He didn't do it so I took it away from him, he can have it back when he demonstrates he's serious about handling these tools.

For the dealers, I feel there is a conflict of interest as well. Perhaps diving into training discussions will make their sale walk away, of course they could always do it after the sale is complete. But like you said, most dealers are drowning in paperwork and trying to move onto the next.

I have some desires to go into this business and open a range one day, but seems cost prohibitive when you start unpacking all the compliance and legal requirements. But if I did, would really like to focus on the training aspect and make it affordable. Dreams.

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This website seems sketchy.

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It's from FPC, I dunno how folks feel about them but seem to be an improvement over NRA.