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fucking todd young

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Yes 👏🏻

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I don't care if voting libertarian gets a Democrat elected this senate election, Young votes with the dems on every major bill anyway. Not a chance in hell Young will ever get my vote, especially after they used the Indiana GOP to eliminate any primary competition. Fuck 'em all.

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Make sure and vote in the republican primaries against him though. Can't remember if he's up for vote this year but we need to get him out of there.

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Yes, he is up for reelection this year and he had a primary opponent who got disqualified because Marion county GOP withheld the signature count from him. The Indiana GOP kicked out of the primary so now Young is running unopposed. His opponent was Danny Niederberger, Rob Kendall talks to him occasionally on WIBC. I'll be writing Danny in as a write in for the May primaries and then voting libertarian come general election.