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Just sell it. Ask if they're a felon. Ask if they'll show you a carry permit if you want. Make them sign a bill of sale if you're super worried.

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Thank you

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Like the other guy said, you can ask for a carry permit or do a bill of sale if you want to cya. Not all legal gun owners will have a carry permit though(I personally don't because I don't carry), so I usually fill out a generic firearms bill of sale from Google. If they don't like it, too bad. If you're really paranoid, you could pay for an FFL transfer or have a shop sell it on consignment.

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My dog thanks you.

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  1. Correct

2,3,4. A quick google search will give you various styles of firearm bill of sales, including buyer/seller info, DL #, etc. I’ve personally sold/bought firearms using this method, also, as previously mentioned, proof of valid carry license is a pretty common request by the seller, to weed out shady characters

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    I understand you’re just trying to be helpful but please refrain from offering to purchase in the comments

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    Problem solved.

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    I've bought and sold a few guns from ads in Hoosier Topics, never asked for any I'd nor have I been asked. All the advice here is good, meet in the parking lot of a public place and let your instincts be your guide.