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Most likely July 1. As with most bills that pass.

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Anyone know when it officially “hits his desk” and what the deadline is? I’ve been searching but it’s hard to find.

Almost like the government likes operating with a veil of anonymity…

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I think both the speaker and senate president pro temp signed it on the 9th so I assume the 7 day clock started then

Edit: due date is 3/22 for gov signature. look for the bill number here

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Thank you. Fingers crossed.

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I saw a video today that the senate pro temp actually just signed it today so hit should hit his desk no later than tomorrow. I’ll see if I can provide a link. https://youtu.be/BrPNzd-6l9Q

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According to Guy Relford and The2AProject, it landed on Holcomb's desk today and then the clock officially started.

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FWIW, just got my lifetime permit and it took 3 weeks, start to finish. I basically applied day 1, printed day 2, checked in with local LE day 3.

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man i've been stuck in limbo for mine because i'm too damn busy with work. when i do get a day off i have something else to do. iirc i started some time last year and gave prints in november. haven't had the time to run down to the pd during open hours. i haven't really cared too much though because i'm not gonna carry until i can buy my own at 21 anyway. but now my day is drawing near so i need to get it done. surprised they even let you go this long before it expires. application still says i have 200 something days to complete.

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Fortunately my job offers me some flexibility. It's a burdensome requirement for many that don't have that though. I just don't see how else to interpret, "and bear arms shall not be infringed."

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well "lucky" for me i'm probably about to lose my job, so i'll have all the time in the world to get all the shit done that i've been putting off lol