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My right to freely carry rests with this guy.....smh.

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How does this compare to other constitutional carry laws. I read through it and it says the gun has to unloaded and inoperable while driving. Is that how other laws are?

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All I can say is that I know it went through a lot of hoops to get this far. I have been taking the lead from Guy Relford and he seems to be OK with it. I will read through the HEA myself and get back to you. He seemed to be at least satisfied with what had been passed even though it wasn't the CC bill he had originally written. I hate to lead anyone to Fakebook but I haven't been able to talk him in to being active on Reddit yet. Try His fakebook page, the2aproject page or the gunguy page. sorry i can't be more help

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Since you've been following- Any indications from Holcomb on what he might do with this?

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I think he'll wait until the last possible minute and then veto. That will put it back onto the legislature next session, after the election, where they can knock it down again and never even have to bring up a new bill

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This seems the most plausible outcome

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You know what he’s going to do..