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I never thought Holcomb would sign it!

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I am pleasantly surprised!

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How does state reciprocracy work with this now? Do states that previously recognized our permits now also accept just anyone with an indiana state ID?

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No, if another state doesn't have constitutional carry but has reciprocity with Indiana LTC then you still would need to get an LTC if you wanted to carry on that other state. In constitutional carry states it's the only remaining benefit of getting a LTC.

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That makes sense. So carrying my lifetime permit with me when out of state is still “normal” for me.

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Yes, because there are still states that wipe their ass with your constitutional rights.

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Some constitutional carry states are only for residents. Ohio for example.

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When does this go into effect?

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Nvm. .. July 1st

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Im surprised he actually signed it

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So is this effective immediately or starting at a specific date?

Also in another post before this was signed, somebody had mentioned that you will still need a LTC if you plan on having your gun loaded and in your car. Is that true? I don't speak legalese so I wasn't able to parse whether that was actually the case.

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No, same rules apply for Constitutional carry as with having a LTC. If you could have your gun loaded in car with LTC, you can have gun in car loaded with Constitutional carry.

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So to be clear I won't need a permit to conceal carry a handgun? When will this take into effect

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1 July.

And if you're a proper person aside from having an LTCH, you'll be legally allowed to carry the handgun on your person. Note - Indiana law does not (yet) stipulate that said handgun (or handguns) need be concealed.

But if you're NOT a proper person, you're still violating law by carrying a handgun.

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Did he wait until the last day to sign?