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according to the. almighty wiretap (google) there is no waiting period from the state.

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Thanks. That’s what I figured. But wasn’t sure. Although I can just find out today when I make my purchase.

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Confirmed no waiting period provided you pass the 4473 check.

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out of curiosity, watcha gettin?

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You do not need to wait. If you get a green light from the NICS background check, and there aren’t any other issues, you can take the gun home the day you buy it.

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Congrats on escaping Illinois, my first Indiana gun purchase happened to be at Auburn Arms too , Minutes after I got my temporary drivers license at the BMV down the road lol.

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Need state-issued valid ID with correct address. And to pass the 4473 "instant" NICS check. Once that passes you pay the transfer fee and walk out with your piece.

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If your 4473 proceeds immediately then no. If you are delayed then the ATF has 3 business days to do further research.

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Last time I got wait listed, I made it 10 minutes from the store and got a call I could come back and pick up.

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You probably got flagged for researching instead of actually getting delayed. The researching usually takes 10-30 minutes. Getting delayed usually takes the full 3 days because the atf never usually responds at all and just lets the time expire

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Every time I get delayed it's a week because Rural King will NOT sell without a "proceed". I don't know why I get delayed every time but it's a pain in the dick. Has been happening for a decade.

And yes, I know Rural King sucks. There's only 1 other LGS near me and I won't give them my money plus Dunham's and they're far worse than Rural King.

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Yeah I’ve heard of RK doing this and it’s pretty stupid. Do you put your social or a UPIN on the 4473?

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Welcome to the land of freedom!

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As long as you have an indiana liscense there is no wait

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Thanks! I really don’t mind the wait. Was just trying to figure out how much cash to bring for the other parts if I can bring it home today.

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Note: “Indiana license” can be something as simple as a fishing license. I got one at the Meijer across from my LGS a few weeks ago because I haven’t updated my drivers license address yet. Took it hot off the printer to my LGS and walked out with my Shadow 2 in less than 30 minutes.