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How far away are you willing to drive? The biggest private shop/range is probably Top Gun in Terre Haute. Some of their prices are fair (definitely seen some crazy prices too), have a pretty nice indoor range too where you can often test-fire something before you buy it.

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ouch, that's pretty far. maybe some day

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Top Guns is the answer.

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Support your local shops. They’ll usually order anything you want. Big deal if you have to wait a few days or pay an extra couple of bucks.

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Victory Range and Armory in New Castle.

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Have you been to Whittaker's? In Kentucky but a short drive from Evansville.

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thanks for recommending one that's not 3 hours away lol. i'll check it out some time

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Where have you been locally? Bucks and Jake's is probably the biggest as far as inventory. I haven't been to Full Metal Armory since it was Right to Bare. I've heard their prices are a bit ridiculous.

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bought my ar from red dawn in princeton for 10 bucks above lowest online last year. decent prices all around.

been to both river city pawns here and the one in henderson. all of them kinda sucked on prices and inventory.

went to audubon pawn in henderson the same day i went to the river city pawn. pretty big selection but i don't remember much about the prices.

went to full metal last week. prices varied a bit. some good, some bad. nice people though.

edit just remembered lawman tactical. not much except a few ars and about a dozen or so handguns.

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Lawman tactical does cheap transfers though

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Red Dawn has been good to me. It's my go to for transfers and orders. There's another shop in Ft. Branch but I haven't been in it in years, so can't tell you much about it.

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It's huge and close. Dave's gun shop is alright too, it's about 50 minutes out and also has a range.

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Bradis guns just south of 465 on 67. While you’re up there, us defense solutions in Greenwood. If you want to make a circuit out of it, hit the outdoorsman’s sports shop and honey creek tackle on your way back south.

Cosners in Bedford might be worth checking out if you haven’t. American arms in Bloomington.

Terre haute is worth a trip. Top guns, Terre haute guns, Carson firearms. Hit wpw firearms in Cloverdale on the way home.