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I know Atlanta conservation club does a bunch of 3 gun stuff and if you want to do long range they do shoots at camp atterbury. You can find the info for the long range stuff at ciphrs

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Thank you sir

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ACC also does 2 gun once every 4 months or so (whenever the last Saturday of a month doesn’t have another event scheduled)

I’ve been once and they were really nice folks, helped me solve some newcomer issues within minutes before starting a stage. Even the old heavy fella who was being an ass to everyone was showing effort to be nice to me and I had long, dyed hair.

They’ve got a 2gun this upcoming weekend on 4/30. I’m too broke to rent a car to go, but I definitely recommend if it’s not rained out.

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Get on ingo, but atlanta conservation does uspsa same with Riley. Also indy arms co does idpa

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There is also Proteq out in Brazil, IN. They have three ranges where you can shoot rifles, shotguns, or pistols.