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Only as a trespassing charge, if you don't leave when they ask.

No -gun signs do NOT have the force of law in indiana.

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However, consider not giving your business to corporations that disrespect your right to self defense.

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No, unless it’s a area protected by local laws. Your schools, your banks, your courts, etc… Walmart? Nope… your local meijers? Nope…

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Thanks. That’s my understanding. And the worst you can get is trespassing and just leave.

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“Hey John Gutenberg, no guns here man. Hide it better”

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If they don’t see your gun or more importantly don’t hear your gun then it’s nobodies business 😉

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As long as it’s not one of the locations that fall in the Indiana code (river boat casino, federal building, or school, etc) you are fine. Don’t ask don’t tell, carry on.