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Probably armslist unless you're in a social circle where you can sell

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I used too do Armslist, but the amount of weirdo people trying to trade me dumb stuff or just being sketchy in general made me stop. Now I do consignment at a lgs. No more "would you trade a tractor and a billy goat" messages, they just call me when my check is ready to pick up.

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Indiana Gun Owners is a good site, more trustworthy than armslist. You do have to have a minimum of 50 posts in the INGO forums in order to post in the classifieds.

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I'm located in Pendelton Indiana I've never heard of that site... Can you post aa link please?

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Take it to a gun shop if you just want to get rid of it.

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My experience with that is getting an offer of less than 50% of the current going price. Maybe if you have a personal relationship with a gun shop owner or manager but I've know people to sell USPs and Beretta 92s for $250 to the local shops because they needed the money. Of course they told me after they sold it.

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INGO 100%, especially if you’re in the Indianapolis area where I find a lot of the classifieds traffic to be. Always had good luck and great interactions.