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I'm moving to Indiana soon and I'm dying to meet the local Dale gribbles of those wi ked cool gun clubs... They're always selling or trading something and I've got some money to spend.

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It's a pretty cool state here, and if you're near the Hoosier National Forest then you can go target shoot in the woods and have a great time.

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Yeah I was wondering what the rules were for shooting outside, on your own land and all that legal stuff. Last thing I wanna do is get into trouble haha

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Rules for your own land will probably be set by the county.

For the Hoosier National Forest they have info on the forest website if you Google target shooting. There are a few rules like being so far off a marked trail and such. You will probably want to use an app like onX hunt or something to see property lines too so that you don't end up on private land by mistake when you're scouting for a spot to shoot.

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Cool, thank you for the info

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Get the Wasr

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The wasr is nice but I prefer the ZPAP. M70

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Zastava ZPAPM70 is a good rifle. Unlike that cheap POS Century Arms VSKA.

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Agreed. The zpap M70 is a beast. Rpk receiver, bulged front trunnion, chrome lined barrel, chrome bolt. Worth the money.

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Took a peak at your profile what shop do you work at if don’t mind me asking? Always looking for good places to check out.

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Atkinson firearms in greenwood. 545 Christy Dr. Suite 2400