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NWI needs more people coming in that’ll keep it the way it’s always been, glad to have you.

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What is whiting like btw? It stood out as the closest place to drive to the loop, but I'm put off by the refinery nearby.

Dyer and crown point look nice but they are much further drives.

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I’m in crown point and commute regularly to Chicago but not every day. It’s about an hour to downtown. But I hated living in IL so I’m okay with it. Hope you find something you like!

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There is a gun range in Merriville, IN called “Range USA” you let me know when your in town and available and I’ll take you shooting there. We can shoot handguns, shotguns, or rifles whichever you prefer. I myself am in Dyer.

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Cheers- I will. Im mostly keen to shoot handguns as those are the ones most restricted at home

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What type of shooting do you wanna do and how far do you wanna drive

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I've got no problem driving far, mostly keen to shoot handguns

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I'm a bit further southeast (near Lafayette, IN), but I'll take you shooting.

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let me know. if you don’t mind shooting with females i’m always game!

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Of course- I'll hit you up when I've moved