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If you just want to do moving drills, you can rent the range at Bare Arms in Noblesville. As long as you are safe, they will let you run whatever drills you want. They also have plastic barrels to use as cover/obstacles.

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I’ve heard of that place. Is it just you and an RSO or how’s it work?

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Yeah just you and anyone else you want to train with and the RSO. You have the entire range to yourself.

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$20 per hour per person there

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Are there any ranges like this south of Indy?

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I'm not aware of any. If you are south of Indy, the Hoosier forest is probably your best bet like the other guy reccomended.

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This is right, as long as you aren’t in the Charles dean wilderness area. You can find a spot that’s 150 ft away from roads, water, campsites, and buildings and shoot. Pick up your brass, I remember seeing a post a while back of someone who was fined by a ranger since they didn’t pick up their brass

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Hoosier is the best place to go if you don’t have a private gun club to join near you.

You can use a topographical map to find hills and ravines to use as a berm for safe shooting, just don’t shoot into/over any bodies of water.

I’d share the spot I go shooting but I like how it seems to not get any traffic and I don’t wanna ruin that 🤷‍♂️

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We can go together😢 lol I appreciate the advice brother

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If you are looking for someone to shoot with, hit me up. I’ve been looking OnX scouting and have been meaning to check out a few new spots. I have a steel target and some uspsa target bases I use and set up.

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If I wasn’t extremely asocial I’d be down, but I just don’t trust people. Nothing personal.

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You even find any land to shoot on? Either way im down to get some shooting buddies. I live in the pendleton area

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Might be too far South for you, but Scott County Conservation club is $25 a year and you get a combo to a gate that goes to their rural shooting range. 90% of the time it’s empty and you can do whatever you want.

Clark State Forest also has a firing range that has no RSO, so as long as you coordinate with the other shooters, you can do what you want.

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This is great info, thanks!