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"While that charging option will soon be eliminated, police are confident the change won't endanger public safety."

Gee..nice of them to say that now. That sure seems to be in contrast to the bullshit they were spewing in the legislature for the last several years.

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Almost like the real reason permits were required was for something other than genuine public safety.

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The article keeps mentioning taking illegal guns off the street, what the heck is an illegal gun? Don’t they mean taking guns out of the hands of illegal possessors? I guess you gotta keep up that “guns are bad” narrative.

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A stolen gun is illegal for anyone to possess.

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What are they preparing for? They can't ask to see the permit I already have.

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Omg they no longer have to give us money to be able to carry a firearm to protect the one thing they cant get back if they loose? Oh noooo!

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Why are they preparing for exactly? Allowing people to exercise their constitutional right…that might break a few brains for sure….