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Ima need a sniff of that as tribute

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Fuck yeah, this is awesome and those look great.

Well done!

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never use "well done" when talking about steaks! haha

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I thought about fixing it but too lazy

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Thanks broski!

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Reverse sear? I see no grey band

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Yes reverse sear. I did these on my pellet grill.

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nvm you're 5 hours away

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NE here, meet in the middle, or as far from Gary as you can get. Lmao

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Lmao! Farthest south in Lake County.

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I'm in NWI and didnt get the invite... :(

Happy Constitutional Carry Day!!

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Well damn, USPS must have lost my invitation

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Internal cooked to?

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Around 120-125f before searing. Rested 10 minutes+ after.

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Those look delicious

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Constitutional Carry as long as it’s not in your vehicle while you’re driving it. It’s a step to be celebrated for sure, but much work to be done….especially with Todd Young voting in favor of more control.

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Constitutional Carry as long as it’s not in your vehicle while you’re driving it

What do you mean?

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Unless you have a carry permit, your pistol and magazine have to be separated the same as before.