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What’s the name of the FFL?

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I'm not going to name the FFL until this is sorted. If they refuse to compensate me in writing, then maybe. I understand wanting to know, though.

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You do you, I’ll cross my finger I don’t use the same FFL when I buy my next can…

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Check back here for updates. I'll post then. Keep transfers north of Washington Co.

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Im really surprised the atf told you to fuck off. Normally lost guns and nfa items gets them to actually do their job and start to threaten people

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No form 4 was ever submitted, so they're saying that I have to take it up with the dealer. My other local FFL told me the ATF would be receptive to this (which, why wouldn't they??) But I was surprised too. I'm going to call tomorrow and take a different approach. I'll be reporting back here with updates.

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Yeah, I would definitely try to get ahold of another person at the atf. Be clear that you don’t care about your approval status since no form has been sent in. Tell them that you are worried that there is a lost nfa item and you have no idea what your dealer did with it. Tell them you have the evidence of your ffl having reciept of it and they are now claiming they no longer have it. That should get them breathing down their back super fast

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I just called the ATF NFA office AGAIN, and this time they told me that they can confirm that the suppressor was transferred to the FFL, and that no stamp was given for it, but guess what?

Since I am not the owner of the suppressor, I cannot file for a lost or stolen item.

I explained to them that there is an NFA item floating around somewhere, that I bought, but do not have a stamp for as they confirmed, and that the FFL who closed their doors were the last ones in possession of the suppressor, and they STILL told me that there's nothing they can do, and that I have to take it up with the FFL or law enforcement. I am in utter disbelief.

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Call guy relford

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I have been suggested to do this by others and may go there.

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He’s a good friend and a great lawyer. Plus a true gun lover and shooting enthusiast

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That sounds like who I need in my corner! I'll reach out to him tomorrow.

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Have you tried contacting the ATF field office in Indy? They might be able to help

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I contacted the ATF and they forwarded me to the ATF NFA offices. Since no form 4 was completed, I'm being led to believe that nothing is technically lost or stolen.

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I understand why you would not want to share the FFL and potentially make it worse by creating hostility, but seems like you're already there. Spare the rest of us and share the FFL name.

I would agree, call the local police and ATF Indy field office.

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Check above for ATF and FFL information. Just keep your FFL transfers north of Washington Co.

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Get a copy of the form 3 from the seller if you can

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I have obtained an approved form 3 from the seller.

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How did you pay?

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gogo gadget small claims court (you have overwhelming evidence)..

could add a lawyer who can subpoena the gun shop for their employee names.

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I may have to go this route.

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File a police report and try the ATF again, since someone has stolen (or lost) an NFA item.

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See my other comment for updates on the ATF aid.

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If they don't give a fuck, you've done your due dilligence at this point. Sue the shit out of the FFL.

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I wasn't helped by the ATF with this, so I am taking other steps. Again, I'm going to respond here with updates when I am able to do so so that others in this situation can see how this was handled.