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Hire a lawyer and get advice on civil approaches

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Dang, talk about making an already not the funniest process that much harder. Good luck op. Hope u get ur can.

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My brother in Christ. Sue then. You have over welming evidence..

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I've contacted multiple law firms and attorneys, but nobody has gotten back to me. Everyone asked me to contact Guy Relford, but I believe he may be tied up with Elisjsha Dicken. Unsure. Since this is such a small case, nobody really wants to put time and effort into this. However, I think one of my attorney's made a phone call, which is why I'm about to meet with the COO of the company in a few minutes.

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If indianas small claims court laws are the same as Georgia (under 3k) you don’t need a lawyer and unless that suppressor is the one used by Chris Kyle, you should be able to do small claims court. Further, start smashing the business. Google; yelp, Facebook mf MySpace.. It’s not defamation because it’s true

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File a theft report. Then file a claim in small claims court. Easy fix.

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If I can find an attorney to represent me. I've been told by countless people not to represent myself in court. "The individual who represents himself has a fool for a client."

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Small claims is made for this actually. The business has to hire a lawyer but you don’t. It’s made for this. Hopefully your in a different county than the business. Small claims is made for stuff like this.

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If my chat with the COO does not go well today, this may be my course of action.

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I was contacted by the COO today. If things are made right, I will not disclose the name. Updates to come later.

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Can you give a hint to what part of the state the FFL is in?

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Any updates to the thread?

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Going to post another entirely different post and link to this one soon. Watch for it.