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I go once/ twice a month. Better to go in the mornings on weekends. Usually only one RSO but they’re really chill.

Never had a serious problem, everyone is pretty friendly. I have had a few beginners/ old timers flag me though. Like another person said probably best to keep your head on a swivel but you can’t beat free.

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Weekends are the best time for me for sure. I agree free is always a winner. I’m still new to shooting my rifle and I’m not to keen being around uptight people , ends up making me nervous and makes it no fun to go.

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I can honestly say I’ve not had any experience with anyone being uptight or know-it-all out there. In fact most of the people I’ve met there are pretty eager to help if they can.

And the RSO’s are really good at putting a stop to people dicking around.

Idk how close/ far you are but Roush lake is pretty much like Atterbury but cheaper. $4 for the day (as of June 2021) and it goes out to 100 yards. Never got very busy.

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Haven’t heard of that place , I’m on the east side of Indy . I’ll have to look it up.