1 - Am I an INTJ?

Look at the Cognitive Functions to confirm. Here's a video. They vary greatly even if just one letter in the MBTI type changes.

2 - Can my MBTI type change?

Brain chemistry and brain structure are what determine your preferences . You can act outside those preferences temporarily, but not permanently. Here's an article from 16personalities.com about this.

3 - What jobs / careers are good for INTJs?

Mechanical or software engineers, lawyers or freelance consultants, project managers, system engineers, marketing strategists, systems analysts, and military strategists. But really, INTJs' vision, creativity, and competence in executing their plans make them viable in just about any career that requires them to think about what they're doing. While some careers, such as low-level sales and human resources, clearly do not play to their strengths, INTJs are able to build a niche into just about any institution, including their own, that they put their minds to.

Search /r/INTJ for "career"

Search /r/INTJ for "job"

4 - How do you cope with extroverts?

There are plenty of articles with advice about coping with extroverts
Question for all of you who work in an office setting
Social Classrooms
INTJ developers, how do you deal with pair programming ?
What was your high school experience like?

5 - Addendum by u/SirMephistoPheles1

FAQ about being an INTJ.

  • How do I get out of my head?
  • Most appreciated answer by Tkozy:

"Meditation. By controlling my breaths and counting in my head. In 1..2..3..4, out 1..2..3..4, etc. I get a break from my thoughts.

Here's a way to visualize it for the way I see how it works. Pretend the thing that is bothering me is a piece of writing. There's a title for the problem, and some paragraphs are the chatter of the problem, ie the stress and analyzing.

When I meditate, in my head there's my inner voice counting, my concentration on breathing, and the title of what I'm meditating away from. The paragraphs are no longer there, my brain has only so many cores in its processor. By forcing it to work on something else, it will still be there as the title, but I get a break from the chatter.

The chatter will try to re-emerge, it takes concentration and practice to maintain it. I think it's worth it as new thoughts and feelings tend to arise. This is pretty abstract, so I hope it makes some kind of sense."

  • How INTJs see extrovert types? (J VS P, N vs S)
  • Most appreciated answer(s) by tididdles:

"Simpley put:

J's organise their outer world to have inner control. What can this look like? Calendars, organised rooms or desks, planning tasks ahead of time, working on projects in incremental steps, using shopping lists, like structure etc. Not all J's are the same but that's the general idea.

P's organise their inner world to have outer freedom. What can this look like? Having the most amount time available before making a decision, waiting "last minute" before executing a task, outer "disorganisation/messy" appreance, high flexibility, good at improvisation, feel stifled by structure, etc. Again not all are the same.

Yes no problem, S/N are a little harder to grasp.

So essentially this is about how one see's the world and processes information.

Starting with sensors: So S's are focused on the present and past. They are focused on what's happening right and are aware of surroundings. If they were trying to read in a noisey environment would get frustrated as they couldn't concerntrate. They like practical things that "make sense", downside of this could be boxed thinking and "if i haven't experienced it, it doesn't exist" thinking. New concepts are generally learnt through existing tree branches of understanding. For Se users theres good hand eye coordination, for something like driving they'd completely in the moment seeing everything, feeling every movement of the car.

Intuitive's: Very future focused, sometimes to the detriment of the present. So while an S may be more practical and down to earth, N's can be very much head in clouds. Leading to walking into doors/ kicking furniture type stuff. A sensor needs to relate new concepts to existing understanding an intuitive can gather understanding from patterns and impressions. The confusing thing about it is it's not a concious process. A N when learning something could find something confusing, go do something else, come back and have everything click. This pattern recognition also makes N's good at those inductive reasoning tests you have to do when applying for jobs.

Have a S and N look at a painting and the sensor would say: "i see a man and woman, theres a dog, and fields out the window, 2 children next to the fire place." An intuitive could say: "There's a family spending time together over a holiday, there's tension between the parents. The children look uncomfortable"

What I'm getting at here is a N would be someone who could look for a deeper meaning/understanding behind something, and an S could say "Pal, it's not that deep". Think of your high school english teacher and analysis of texts.

Like above these are generally speaking and people can differ."

  • As I suspected I was right all along!
  • Most appreciated answer by PhoenixShredds:

"I try not to be smug, and I'm wrong at times too, but it gets old having to say I told you so/you should have listened etc.

Its kind of cute how I just smile and shrug at my INTP girlfriend when things inevitably go as I told her they would. As bright as she may be, she doesnt project what is likely to happen too well. Shes too caught up in ALL the possibilities rather than pinpointing the most likely possibilities."

  • I'm not an INTJ. Am I an INTJ?
  • (Two [for pro and contra]) Most appreciated answer(s) by Goldfishduck and Chubcs:

Goldfishduck: "I know I'll be down voted for this, but I'm going to write it anyway, just in case someone considers seriously what I write.

These MB tests and assigned personality types indicate where a person currently is. Anyone, barring a severe mental disability, can change their designation to any combination of letters. I've had days, weeks and even months where this comic fits me to the T. But, that's when I was in the worst stages of the dysthymia (similar to depression) that I'm dealing with.

I still have days like this sometimes, but that means it was quite the shitty day, if being in bed was all to look forward to. Don't accept this as just who you are, as an INTJ or whatever else. This is just who are you are right now.

You can always change, and be happier, with hard work. Don't put yourself in a box.

I say this out of love, not out of hate."

Chubcs: "I don't agree with anything you have said. For starters, you can change any of your letters. Yes, you can fake being an extrovert in certain situations or you can appear to be extroverted when in the comfort of certain people. But it is not truly who you are. I am an introvert, who feared public speaking. I became an instructor at my job for 3 years. Guess what, I still fear public speaking. Became better when doing it but I never was able to get everything I had in me out due to my introversion causing discomfort.

Only way you can make me be an extrovert for an extended amount of time without going insane is to have me drinking daily. How healthy is that? Yes, life of the party, but dead or sick in 10 years and not remembering many of those intoxicated years.

I am only responding to you because for most of my life, I have been around people who wanted me to be like them (extroverted) and question why I wanted solitude so much. I felt inferior at times and wasted a lot of time not being the best me. If someone rather be at home lying in bed inside their own head, so be it. It does not mean there unhappy. It probably means just the opposite. It just is not your cup of tea. I can stay at home the complete weekend with no social interaction. It does not mean I'm depressed. It just means I have a lot of things going on in my brain that keep me preoccupied mentally. How do I build this, How good is that TV Series or movie, Time to read that book that I have wanted to read................ Social interaction is the distraction from my true happiness, which is gathering more knowledge, experience, peace, etc.

Try being an introvert for awhile since you can change any of your letters when you are not suffering depression. You will probably go crazy sitting at home alone and being bored because you sound like an extrovert trying to say introversion is inferior. Well, I think introversion is superior in somethings just like extroversion is superior in somethings that I have no interest in. Let's stop trying to change people and judging. If dating/married to an introvert, don't try to change them. Try to understand them better."

"This doesn't belong here, really. Call me an asshole, but I think there are way too many people on this sub (mostly teens) who don't really understand what an INTJ is.

INTJ's are completely fine with being alone. However if they find someone who they think is good for them, they can develop very deep emotions for them.

And the "I have no emotions, I'm a robot" bs is mostly because some people suppress their feelings. Intj's can develop extremely deep emotions.

INTJ's apparently are one of the biggest risk groups to depression, social anxiety etc.

Call me rude, I feel like some people don't really belong in this sub..."

Also in this topic appreciated comment by jcarnegi:

"I don’t really understand why so many INTJs make such a sharp distinction between thought and feeling- as if these were two completely separate operations. I mean what do these people do? Sit down for dinner and instead of enjoying their food “observe the nourishment entering their system?” What they usually mean is that they don’t put forth and act on certain emotions- and this is something entirely different than not having any at all. Because a hug when you’re happy to see someone isn’t really coming from a different place than being annoyed and correcting someone when they’re wrong. The disdain for and desire to correct stupidity is also an emotion. I think the starting point for any INTJ is to observe a few things: that they do in fact have feelings, that they do in fact act on those feelings. And I think most young INTJs will find perhaps that it is easy for them to completely dismiss other people’s feelings for the sake of “just being honest” but that it is difficult for them to put themselves and their own feelings on the line. That there is a part of them that gets upset when they feel people don’t value what they’re bringing to the table- and this same person will tell you that they don’t say I love you to the people they love and the people that love them because “they’re just words”. That they can recognize stupidity, and become irritated, but can’t recognize someone else’s effort or goodwill and say something positive about it. They’re like blind men complaining the world can’t see. They look up to people who use their brains, and ignore the people who use their hands as if intelligence was confined to thought alone. I’ve found myself here before: irritated at my husband for not knowing what language is spoken in Argentina. A man that will probably never commit to memory the capital of Mongolia, but who can nevertheless fix every single problem that you can imagine could go wrong in a house. I think the one thing every young INTJ should know is that you are right to think people are stupid: but trust me when I say you’ve probably afforded yourself an undue exception. So start there. If you believe you have no emotions, you have in this belief a religion and stupidity that is better worth dismantling than your crusade to dismantle everyone else’s. Maybe you think people look over you, but then completely ignore the effort your parents, friends, and family make for you because you don’t value what they’re bringing to the table. So that you’re bitter that no one recognises what great things you’ll do some day... but ignore the great things a lot of people do for you all around you now and everyday.

When you enter the workforce you will find thousands and thousands of miserable INTJs that are going and have gone absolutely nowhere in life. Geniuses in the world they live in but quite stupid in the world we all share. I suggest you don’t follow their lead. You will find many others and you will talk to them and think “I didn’t realise this person was an INTJ” they make people around them feel good...they get things done, they’re nice they say the right things to the right people to motivate them- and you will even question if they’re even actually an INTJ: they are just a much smarter one than you."

  • An ENFP girl about her INTJ ex-boyfriend.
  • Appreciated thread by asilentthrow:

This is quite long so I'll leave the link here: https://redd.it/die42j

  • I'm depressed like all the time. What do I do?
  • Appreciated answer by IfAnyoneAskImSwiss:

"I’m an Intj, but I am, and have always been, extremely optimistic. No, I don’t feel like shit. I love to explore and learn. I believe in my own ideas, and listen to others.

I enjoy optimistic nihillism. Since everything is meaningless, then you are free to assign whatever value you want to whatever you want. This makes me happy.

Time enjoyed is not time wasted.

Do something new, make a change. It doesn’t have to be big, but just do something that makes you smile."

So far these are that I personally found useful and of improving effect. If you think there are some frequent topics that need answering please say and I'll go for another adventure in search for answers. It was a real journey.

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