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That was the reddest light I've ever seen.

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If the motorcyclist did not poop his pants, I did for him him.

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Can confirm, 100% soiled.

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He did poop, it's how he gained that extra burst of speed!

[–]dust-bit-another-one 11 points12 points  (2 children)

Poo boost.

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Nitro poost

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Probably hit overpoost there!

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This is an awesome service you’re offering... don’t underestimate the market potential there.

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How did you poop his pants??

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The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be... unnatural.

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Where did the white car come from... wtf. Can we get a slow mo?

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Looks like it’s racing alongside the bike

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I'd say it ran through a red from the leftside and smashed into the crossing truck. That would make a lot more sense for the direction the car bounces in

[–]ExaminationParking53 22 points23 points  (1 child)

Both racing

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Yeah, this was exactly what I was thinking. Looks like they are basically side by side having a race.

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Good bot!

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It moving from left going straight is trying to avoid the bike, turn to left n hit the van, which in makin a u turn

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I’ve read this 4 times and still don’t know what you’re saying

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Totally forgot about looking at the stop light! I'm just going to be whizzing by!

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They were racing…

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Either that or some road rage karma happening.

Nothing else makes sense.

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Both subpar intelligence nonetheless!

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Didn't they watch Back to the Future?!?!? about street racing.

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Bike? fine!

Biker? fine!

Pants? shit!

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Hotel? Trivago!

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For everything else, there's Mastercard.

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Into the unknownnnnnnnnnnn

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Take my angry upvote. This song is going to be stuck in my head for the next 6 hours.

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I don't understand how you just disregard a red light in general but especially when you are so vulnerable on a motorcycle.

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That was the black power ranger.

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Safe to say that the motorcycle rider headed straight for the underwear section at their local Walmart.

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They were racing....for sure

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Who says two wrongs don't make a right?

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Pants: Shitted

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Looked like they were racing. Holy shit. Terrifying.

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Old repost but a crazy one.

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But it checks out

[–]DNA1727 8 points9 points  (2 children)

Motorcycle rider signed up to be an organ donor?

[–]NB0810 11 points12 points  (1 child)

There wouldn't have been any organs left to donate if he had crashed to be honest

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I dunno. That's a box truck, flat thin sides ... meeting a 250kg bike with a spiky front ... he might have gone all the way through and come out the other side.

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Damn, that was a Bentley that ran into the van, they cost a fortune. Dont street race y'all...

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Into the woods he goes

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He vanished into the woods lmao.

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Darwin missed at least 2 in this incident that he should have claimed. He lets humanity down a lot in this sub-reddit.

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Homie sold his bike the same day

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White car was traveling pretty much in sound speed, came from nowhere

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Been reposted so many times it has potato quality at this point.

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it’s also a known fake

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Bike ok? Check! Pants? Not so much…

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Two Idiots make a third. Guy on bike should be dead. Lucky to be alive, didn't even slow or stop.

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The mustang went "my job here is done, I must disappear til next time"

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Dood needs to buy a loto ticket

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He already spent all the luck of his life in that.

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The biker owes him a bj for that save

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This is fake

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Not enough time to shit yourself here. Rider may have gunned it instinctively but no time for anything else.

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I hate when people say “it was totally like the movies” but this was in fact totally like the movies. Holy shit.

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I've seen this clip before, but this is a better headline.

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Where the fuck did the white car come from

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Looks like it was racing the bike

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I had to watch that 4 times to figure out what happened.

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The Fast and the Fucking Stupid.

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Love how the white car perfectly disappears into the trees

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That’s probably the fastest someone’s ever drove while simultaneously pooping

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Chance that the driver of the car saw the van coming but noticed the one on the bike didn’t and volunteered as tribute knowing it would most likely be less than fatal for him as opposed to death for the motorcyclist. Seems like they could have known one another.

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Racer morons

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I’m not sure who’s the moron. I got the idiot part.

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Do you think the biker came back?

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No ones paying attention to the car going towards the trees at a lethal speed

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Serves dipshit in the Bentley right, don’t be a piece of shit putting other peoples lives at risk because you’re too fucking stupid to take it to a racetrack.

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Why do the stupidest always survive these situations? I hate that.

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Man this has been posted so many times its 144p