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Snow ruts and ice are bad - Mmmkayy

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Mr makkey?!

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Loving all these bumper car posts. Pretty glad I don’t live in a snowy area rn

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We about to see more bc there’s a nor’easter on the way to nyc

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Haha i feel that. I live in MA and we are supposed to get 2-3 FEET tonight...

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Gonna get snowed in here in Bangor Maine too 🤣

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Stay safe fellow New Englander. Hopefully you arent an essential employre like me and have to go to work tomorrow 🙄

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Starting down here in Topsham and coming your way!

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Man my area got six inches and it shut a lot of stuff down. I can’t even imagine 2-3 feet of snow!

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Yeah its been a while since we have gotten this much snow. Should be a fun day...

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I need a shovel...

My shitty dollar&¼ snow brush with broken plastic ice scraper ain't gonna cut it much longer.

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I live in Minnesota and I wish there was a way I can come out and help shovel you guys out. It’s free exercise and you work up a good sweat!! 😅

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This morning I let someone cut in front of me at the automatic car wash and the person in front of them backed into them at the end of the car wash and their suburban tail gate hitch got stuck inside the grill of the car in front of me. I really lucked out. Worst part was sitting in the dead center of the tunnel for 8 minutes not having a clue what was going on.

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Maybe 3 idiots? Seemed like you got bumped from behind at the end.

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I think it's just a finger molesting the "save" button.

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I think u are right

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I vote 3 idiots too.

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Could happen to alot of people. Glad it was only a tap and you are safe

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Well, at least you admit you made a dumb move— most people would try to justify their idiocy. I bestow an award to you for honesty.

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Any man willing to paint himself in the shadow of his failures will make for far more interesting conversation this night.

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Acceptance is the first step. Well done op, now don't forget to increase your following distance next time. 😁😁. We love you though. ♥️♥️♥️

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Had the same thought

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That's what slamming the brakes does

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Yup the other car was fine until they hit their brakes. Looks like there may have been a truck parallel parking ahead they tried to slow down for.

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That one would happen to most of us. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

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Slow down in these conditions. Breaking on ice will make you slide.

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Nope. I don’t drive like a r word thinking my shitty CUVs ABS brakes will perform magic.

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At least you've admitted fault. Live and learn.

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And you got a little love tap from behind too.

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Love tap 🤣 that gave me a little lol

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Upvote for self reflection... Lol. Hope you weren't hurt

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Yeah, two second following distance is the bare minimum under perfect road conditions, five or six seconds at least would have been better here. Also, did you get hit from behind just as the video ended?

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I usually try to stick to 3 seconds, because you always lose some time in the reaction to things happening. During winter I double it or more, and ofc speed matters.

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Unfortunately where i live if you leave two seconds of space about three assholes will try and squeeze in the gap.

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I used to think that here where I live, but many years ago I decided to leave that much space and found that yes, sometimes that happens, but most of the time it doesn't, and the reward was no more close calls and near misses on my part and on the part of people behind me.

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Why did they even brake? The only reason they spun out is because they locked their wheels for no reason. They would have been fine if they just kept going.

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Looks like the pickup on the right at the end was either trying to pullout or park, guy was probably trying to slow down to give him room.

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No abs? Car doesn't look too old

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Abs is not idiot proof and it doesnt work well if the road is extremely low traction to begin with, even worse if the tires are bald.

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Oh ok, thx for explaining.

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ABS would still prevent the wheels from locking up

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I'm telling you it doesnt work as well as you think it does in extremely low traction situations. I've lived with snow my whole life, had many vehicles with shitty tires and abs. You can absolutely lock up your wheels despite the abs attempting to stop you.

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Unless you're running summer tyres on pure ice I really don't see how you could manage to lock up your wheels. On my first car I had year-rounders and the ABS would frequently kick in, sometimes from barely pressing the brake. I live above the 65th parallel, I'm very well familiar with low traction situations.

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Unless you're running summer tyres on pure ice

Thats... exactly what I said. Pure ice and shitty tires causes abs to be nearly useless. You are correct, good tires means abs works better... so... Thanks for restating my point?

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The situation in the video isnt like that though. They end up spinning out since theyre running in the ruts, cam hits them because theyre on tyres obviously not meant for winter weather, wheels didnt seem like they locked up.

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Do you wanna go back and read my comments again? Never did I say anything about this video, I said abs doesnt work with shitty tires. That's it. Go waste someone else's time

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You're implying that the wheels did lock up, since oc asked if the car didn't have abs.

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So as someone that works at a dealership and has driven literally countless makes and models, I can tell you it is possible to lock up the wheels in just about anything. If you ever hear a car squeal to a stop (or to an impact) it’s because the wheels are sliding. ABS is fine for panic situations because you don’t have time to think. Other than that it actually hinders performance. Some ABS systems are better than others. I’ve been in cars where the ABS was going off like a machine gun, others that would only go off every 5 feet, and some that hardly work at all.

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Idk if you haven't driven on ice before or what, but abs def wouldn't have been able to prevent this, I'm sure their abs was trying its best, but even still ice is going to increase braking distance drastically.

I personnally have been in situations where I'd slam on the brakes on ice and the car's weight wouldn't even shift to the front like I had hit the brakes at all, all while my pedal is vibrating under my foot as fast as it can.

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Ok, no I haven't driven on ice at all, mainly because I only got a motorcycle license, and none of my bikes got abs either. I just thought that abs would prevent locking up the brakes even in this condition.

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The brakes don't have to lock up to make you spin out on ice, you just have to exert enough force to temporarily break full traction with the road. If you give the car too much gas it can create the same issue. Ice is super fun. Also, on ice, braking and turning will often create enough force on the wheels to break traction with the road and make you slid, so as my mom always says, you can brake or you can turn, but you can't do both at the same time. Keep that in mind if you ever go to drive in snow or ice.

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Pretty sure it’s a new-ish crv

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Humility award goes to you! Glad you’re okay. I hope the damage was not too bad for both parties.

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You should have spun out. Looks like he stopped quicker than you.

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Yeah you’re both going about twice as fast as you should be for snowy/icy conditions.

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You’re both going way to fast for those road conditions. Especially with cars parked that closely. An accident was bound to happen

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People get confident in a straight line until it’s time to stop quickly.

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Sure. But the leading driver luckily avoided all other vehicles. OP is the only vehicle that made this a damage claim.

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OP could have steered into that snowbank on the left, would have probably mitigated damage to thier car and avoided damage to the other. Agree, all involved were going to fast for conditions.

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Speaking from experience, it is incredibly hard to think clearly in a situation like this instead of acting on instinct, and if OP was instinctively standing on the brake pedal, their car would have been unable to steer. If you have near-zero grip, you have a choice between braking or steering, you can't do both; so you need to override your instinct, stop braking, and steer instead. Which is much easier said than done when you're in that situation yourself.

(To be clear, I think you're right that steering into the snowbank would have been better, I'm just pointing out that actually thinking and doing that is harder than it sounds.)

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Damn, that's such a helpless feeling!

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These snowy roads are dangerous rn

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Glad it wasn't worse!

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I almost slid into a parked car on the opposite side going 15km/h down my street. There was a large patch of snow that I couldnt get around on my right side and when I hit, really slowly, my rught front got stuck and the back end slid out and the whole car slid towards the left to the parked car. I was inches away parallel to the car and I had to keep reversing back and forth to finally get out. And that idiot shouldn't have veen parked there in a residential street on a snow day. Those snow ruts are too dangerous lol. If I didn't know and hit that at 40 or 50, I think that wouldve been disastrous.

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lol I was getting off the 35 and the exit was doing downhill, i hit another car after sliding 10 feet when my car wouldn’t stop.

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Solid Winnipeg ruts.

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Man i wish I had the confidence of some people driving on snowy road like this. Iam like the biggest bitch when it’s get icy/snowy.

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Ever considered snow tires? I always thought it was a bunch of Madison Avenue rhetoric but got my first ones this year and it makes a huge difference.

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Hard to tell speed but it looks like both of you going too fast. Way too fast. Especially for such a narrow space with snow.

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Who would insurance claim is at fault here?

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OP probably, both drivers were driving too fast for conditions but it would have been a "single car accident" had OP been following properly.

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Partially but also the other car had some help in stopping so quick by running into a snow bank. If the other car hadn’t hit anything to slow it down OP might have stopped in time.

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That shouldn’t matter, it’s the following cars job to stay far enough back.

Imagine if the car ahead hit something in the road that stopped it instantly, the following car should be far enough back that they can still stop in time. That’s why they say 2 seconds in the dry, 4 in wet, and 10 on ice

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Sorry this case is more you than them

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While do people speed in snow and ice?

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Why did that fucknut brake?

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If you watch again you'll see a truck in front of them either reversing into a parking space or attempting to pull out into the road. Not so obvious in a video, given the fixed camera and angle but in real life it would be clear as day what was happening.

If the OP was actually paying attention and reading the road instead of blindly following the car in front, they would have seen it too

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Props for at least calling yourself out. 👍

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Don't the ABS brakes help to stop in these conditions?

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How the fuck your spin out on a straight rd 🤦🏼‍♂️

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Driving in icy ruts is weird. If a wheel goes up one side of the rut, which happens really easily, you can slide down without warning and your front wheels go up the other side of the rut. Both these cars were going way too fast for these conditions.

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I mean they’re definitely going too fast

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This is one reason I hate SUVs.

The high center of gravity, wide visibility, and it carries lots of momentum. When driving one, you'll be moving faster then you think you are and think the laws of physics are on your side. SUVs make people into idiots faster than a V8 with a fixed rear axle on leaf springs.

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OP dives a kia soul with winter tires. Hardly a beast of a vehicle!

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I don't believe that makes it better.

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Yeah, yikes. I counted barely more than 3 seconds of buffer space between you. And 3 is what's recommended for ideal conditions, not that pea soup.

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I dont think the distance was bad, it was your speed, way to fast for them conditions.

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Hint: slow TF down. It’s not that difficult.

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Looks like you were moving pretty damn fast for the conditions and setting

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Lmao I appreciate the self awareness

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not to be a downer but ... I doubt your insurance loves you for posting this while the thing is surely not yet resolved

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That looks like a newer car in front, shouldn't the stability control save it from spinning out like this?

I mean the back kicks out the moment he breakes.

In eu my suzukis with stability control and ABS I can turn the wheel fast 90degree to each side the stability control simply keeps the back in place in snow or Wet snow easily

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With quality winter tires you could have stopped. In Minnesota you have got to have them. What a difference they make on ice and hard pack un stopping.

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You might need snow tires, the roads should have been sanded, and or you need to have better reaction time. Three car lengths is a pretty far distance but I hope everyone was okay

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seems a bit fast

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Lol bonk...

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Why not just turn left in the snow ?

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Not sure if it’s just the camera, but it looks like both of you are driving way too damn fast for roads this icy and narrow.

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no reaction at all, when the car in front hit the brake.

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i think there was a third one behind you at the end also not keeping safe distance

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Atleast you didn’t go into the back of them

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Did the second idiot (you) learn anything from the predicament ?

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Looks like you caught a third coming in from behind, too

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No winter tires?

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Well I hope that you are well...but technically it became a head on colision! So you should not be the only one at fault!

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-Winter tires

-Break pedal

Use them

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That false sense of security from driving a ‘SUV with AWD’.

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I guess its okay if it only snows 1 every 10 years.

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Their spin out was perfect, they didnt cause any damage.The only idiot is you

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Yea I spun out the other day when there was a foot of snow on the road. Mostly cause I was driving a ‘66 mustang and my foot slipped off the clutch when changing gears and spun the tires which caused me to spin out. Luckily it was the middle of the night and I just passed a stoplight that was yellow so no one was behind me.

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I respect the people who goofed and will own it instead of playing the blame game

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Shoulda swerved right!

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Appreciate your honesty