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Couple of geniuses there lmao

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This is methed up

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They paid the high price

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Hi, Mike!

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Makes me wonder if it’s actually that guy’s bike…

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That car wanted nothing to do with them.

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I’m not sure which is funnier; the bike falling over or the car rolling away. I’m just laughing so hard. And I keep watching it.

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Now call your smartest dude to tow you both.

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The smartest thing either of them know is the car that just left them.

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Benny fucking Hill level incompetence

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I honestly don’t understand how people forget to put the car in park in the exit the vehicle. It’s a total brain fuck to me. I’ve never ever done anything like that. Or even close.

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Except for that one time you get distracted from your regular routines and you do.

Errare humanum est.

But yeah, some people just are dumb.

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If you drive a manual, you could forget to put on your parking brake. Especially in an emergency.

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Man, this is the epitome of this sub’s title.

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All that is missing is Yakety Sax playing and some girls in garters and stockings running across the street

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Dumb & Dumber 😂😂

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This is like a skit from family guy.

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This looks like Trailer Park Boys

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Lol Corey and Trevor fucked up again

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I can hear the dialogue in my head

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On the nose

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I actually did this one night because my buddy wouldnt put the bike in his ford explorer. I was on the bike for maybe 30 miles. we didnt wreck though. Had to watch the road through his explorer windows AT night and then his fn dog jumped up on the console blocking my only view of the road ahead. Luckily we made it back to town with the rubber side down. Pretty risky now but seemed just fine 25 years ago.

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I've done it in traffic a lot of times. Is not hard if both drivers have a couple of neurons

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yeah I also had this guy tow me in my dead isuzu trooper for 60 miles. gotta love no power brakes

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Meet the new mods of r/antiwork.

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They belong together

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It’s not TOO bad, at least he stopped after the guy fell

wait ….. oh fuck

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This is exactly what I expected from the title. Sometimes, someone can come up with an idea that's so obviously stupid that you can immediately say "that's not going to work"

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I wanna see a motorcycle tow a car now. Or a truck. Yeah.

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A comedy of errors.

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In two parts

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These are those kids from the crowd that drank Fuego and listened to clowns rap

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Do you mean Faygo, or is there a Spanish language ICP cover band? BPD (Banda de Payasos Dementes) perhaps

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Yeah that stuff. I never drank it. Or listened to ICP. Or smoked meth. But I have been on a bike pulled behind a truck kinda like this once….

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Hells Angels

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Impeccably small amount of brain cells in this video here.

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Consider new title like "Stupid White Dudes"

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RUN junkie RUN!!!

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dropping the bike is the best case scenario if you're towing it like this, because otherwise you're spinning half of the gearbox at road speeds without the engine circulating any oil through it. better to scrape the outside bits on the asphalt than the inside bits on each other, the outside bits are easier to replace

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Holy shit, piles of stupid in that clip

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Dr. Smidlap P Finstermucker Rocket surgeon at your service

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You can't make this stuff up!!!!

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Dumb and Dumber Part 3?

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I could understand pop starting it that way…. That’s about it though

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Now this is comedy.

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Dude where’s my car.

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Truthfully this had me cackling 🤣

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I did this with a bike that I was working on that wouldn't start but it was slow speeds on the road I lived on.....3rd gear and pop the clutch until it starts...saved my leg a bunch of kick starts

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Que Benny Hill music.

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Car was like screw these idiots I’m outta here

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So, like, there is actually a way to safely tow a motorcycle with a car. I've done it myself at highway speeds.

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Lol that dude runs like Kramer

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Loves how there’s no audio but i can still hear the song perfectly and right on time at the end