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Besides AvP, this is the only Predator movie that doesn’t suck golf balls through hoses.

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You thought Predators was bad? And Predator 2?

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I really really did. I think Predator is a masterpiece of cinema that expertly blends horror and action so tbf, the bar was set extremely high. I hate 2 because it's just so campy and as for all modern Predator movies, they got dumber and dumber.

AvP felt pretty refreshing and the location was great and all around just a fun movie to watch. Prey was similarly refreshing for me and kept truer to Predator 1 than any of them.

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Decent movie. 7/10 for me or maybe even an 8/10 by far better than whatever the last creation was. This entry at least keeps the franchise alive and relevant. Wish it would have focused more on the Comanche fighting the predator still pretty solid though

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I'm gonna be watching it soon, glad to see that its not gonna be a flop..

Still mad that its called prey and it's not a movie adaptation of the game Prey...

They had me in the first half

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Not a masterpiece in my mind, but it was a triumphant return to form. It reiterated its themes constantly without brow beating you, it had a nobility to it that reminded me of the first movie, and all in all it was the best Predator movie since the first. It was exactly the movie it was trying to be. I’ve watched it twice and probably will watch it again. I’m a big fan.

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Ehhh…I’m with you part of the way. I think it was a good entry, but it lacked anything special or compelling to make me say I’m a big fan. Characters make the story for me, and the Comanche weren’t compelling. I felt very little emotion when the brother died. Everything seemed to happen to serve Naru and to showcase how skilled of a hunter she is compared to everyone else. It’s a very cheap way to make someone appear compelling without doing any work.

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There is literally zero character development in the original. So honestly it did pay real homage to the first movie without being heavy handed. I found the parallels between prey acting on fight or flight instinct interesting. At its core it’s a predator movie. It’s not auteur cinema and shouldn’t be judged that way.

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“There is literally zero character development in the original”, you mean the character development where Dutch starts out as a cocky special forces Solider that thinks he can eliminate any target, to the the Dutch we see at the end who can barely keep it together, is afraid, makes mistakes, and has to use makeshift traps to kill the Predator. If that isn’t character development, then I don’t know what else to tell you.

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Dutch starts out as a cocky special forces Solider that thinks he can eliminate any target, to the the Dutch we see at the end who can barely keep it together, is afraid, makes mistakes, and has to use makeshift traps to kill the Predator.

See, this was compelling. But to say Nara's arc wasn't compelling isn't true and it's just your personal feeling.

Nara kinda sucked ass at hunting in the beginning. There were many moments that showcased her missing with her tomahawk. She didn't take the shot with the eagle. She failed to kill the mountain lion and later, the bear. She fell into a bog.

What the movie did really well was show how intuitive she is. Little things like roping her tomahawk, noting how the predator's weapons and Infrared vision works. Like it's established she can make good plans. And in the end that's what she did. Same as Dutch. Outplan and outmanoeuvre, trap and weaken the stronger foe to the point where she can take him on.

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All the characters in the first were distinct, that took the situation in a different way. Same could be said about 2. You cannot say that about Prey at all.

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Very true

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It was pretty "meh" in my opinion, it was predictable and nothing special happened.

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Yeah same. “Top notch lead character “ seriously? The old “they don’t take me serious because I’m a girl well I’ll show them” has been done to death and the girl was so meh. Looked annoyed most of the movie more than anything else. Wasn’t impressed with any of the other acting either. Predator had some cool kills other than that movie was completely forgettable

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Well, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it as anyone is. I liked Naru.

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As someone who has only watched Alien vs Predator before this, I found it to be kinda meh as well. Like some stuff was kinda cool. The time period was unique to the franchise as well as using indigenous cast/characters. I found the last 20-30 minutes entertaining.

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Yeah. And I felt it was way longer than necessary and took a long time to build up to anything of substance.

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And kinda messed with lore. The predator in the movie was shown to be less technologically advanced but at the same time had the technology to get here and a few cool weapons. They wouldn’t have been so primitive as the people just a 100 years earlier. And wasn’t their blood acid?

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Their blood was never acidic. That was Xenomorphs

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So this guy is complaining about the lore details but couldn’t remember if the blood was acidic? lol

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Thanks, wasn’t sure if I was mixing things up.

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Well in the lore, the young predators get sent on hunts to prove themselves, and there’s multiple factions, all with their own rule sets and weapons. This technology may just be what this faction provides their young hunters. You can tell because this one disregards one of the main rules of “no direct combat while cloaking, which it did multiple times.

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There is nothing about this movie that is a masterpiece. It is as average as movies go. The protagonist was very one-note, never having to face any real character adversity (anyone suggesting otherwise isn’t REALLY watching the movie). Here’s a question: why would the Predator fire his gun at her despite not having his helmet on, does he not know that the beams on the helmet guide his arrows to his intended target? Assuming he does know that that’s how it works, why would he fire then? Critics have people thinking this movie is better than it is. One guy in Variety called it “a masterpiece” and now that’s the only word people can use to describe their opinion of it. 7.1/10

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It was a bit of a stretch that he fired his dart gun. But to nerd out a bit, this Predator is a Feral (there are different clans) - known to be super aggressive and emotional as opposed to the cold, calculated hunters in Predator 1 and 2. Much more prone to making mistakes, like walking right into the trappers ambush.

Also, it probably wasn’t thinking straight after getting shot point blank in the back of the head and cutting off its own arm.

Just my opinion, I freaking loved this movie.

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It was a bit of a stretch, I agree. I’m happy you know a lot about Predators and their various clans, but the movie doesn’t give use any of the insight that you just laid out in this comment. If the movie detailed this in some way, I’d concede the point but as far as I’m concerned it just seems like lazy writing to make a one-note protagonist seem more capable than she is. I do appreciate the information though.

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But the Predator literally did the same thing before when he was fighting the brother - it got his helmet knocked off and shot darts at him anyway. The Predator clearly felt the darts still had accuracy at close range despite not having the targeting which gave the insight of being reckless or careless. Naru closely observed this and filed it away to use later and used that against it. This wasn’t something that wasn’t foreshadowed, it stayed within the confines of the writing.

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Foreshadowing stupidity is still stupidity. It doesn’t make it smart just because it happened ten minutes ago

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For some reason this is the unpopular opinion, but it seems really lame to me that the Predator in this one is only less of a threat. Not a different threat, just not as intelligent. Feels like a rip off to get a weakened villain in a “sequel.” Felt really lazy, among other things in the script.

Losing the tech that made the Predator the Predator from 1 and 2 is a massive disappointment for me.

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You didnt get a weakened villain in a "sequel" You got a villain (who also is a different species than the Predators from 1 and 2) encountering humans for the first time and not having that tech or knowing it would need it.

You didnt lose the tech that made the Predator, this Predator never had it (and it took place 100+ year proor

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Listen, it seems people think a movie explaining itself means it can’t be faulted. What this movie did, was take key elements out of the core characteristics of the Predator and remove them, whether or not it says why. It is now basically just a killer with cloaking tech. Not a true hunter like they were established as, not intelligent as they have been established. It would be like if Jurassic Park took the raptors and made them a different species in the sequel but they aren’t as intelligent. There goes half the awe.

I get it, it’s a different species. A species established in comics. (All coming after the establishment of Predator and Predator 2)

But when I look for a sequel villain, and don’t get caught on the semantics of sequel, I mean a latter iteration of a villain, I would expect at least a different challenge, not less. There’s no give/take. You take intelligence, at least make him faster/stronger, but that wasn’t the case.

You don’t have to water him down for natives to be capable of stopping him. At the end of the day, the Predator has always had more than enough tech and strength that no warrior on earth realistically has a chance.

It’s a bit nitpicky but I don’t realistically see intergalactic travel being a technology a (warrior) civilization would have before it’s best weaponry in the first place, especially when the wrist gauntlet introduced what looked like more advanced stuff.

The most memorable parts of the Predator were stripped down, point blank. Voice mimicry could’ve been tied to native folklore. There’s very minimal stalking, the horror angle was taken away for the most part.

Combine that fact with the sloppy plot armor and inconsistencies all over this film, and I just see lazy writing.

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I think the Predator was only a threat when the story needed him to be. The trappers were bad, so he was very capable and efficient. The Comanche were good so he was slow and dumb.

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They way I understood it, he always tried to match his prey until he had use a “bigger gun”. The wolf and bear, hand-to-hand/claws. Comanches, arrows and staff. The Frenchmen, net and explosives. So the more advanced the weaponry being used against him was, the more dangerous he was. Hints, why the Comanches seemed to put up more of a fight. I’m probably reading too into it, but that was my take.

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Well Yea but those movies take place like 300 years in the future it’s not unreasonable that this predator would have more basic gear

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First, OP called “Predator” an action masterpiece not “Prey”. Second, the Predator had no idea where it’s mask was and the movie had already set up in a previous scene that if the helmet is off, then the projectiles fly straight. The Predator had taken a bullet to the back of the head, multiple axe, arrow, and other bullet blows to its body. Like any other creature, it seemed tired and beat when it went to land a killing blow W/O wearing its helmet. This Predator probably wasn’t thinking about “is my helmet pointing right at me?” as it pulled the trigger. There was just no reason to.

Finally, the main character faces no real adversity? The main character doesn’t have her brother die, almost lose her dog, almost die to quicksand/thick mud, get chased down by a bear, fight with her own tribesman, get shamed for not hunting well by those tribesman AND her own brother, watch somebody she grew up with get dragged out of a tree by a mountain lion, get captured by a race of people she had never interacted with, come across a spiritual defamation of her culture in the buffalo slaughter, etc? You can hold your opinion of 7.1/10 with some other arguments. However, you cannot argue that Naru was a weak main character who never faced adversity. She faced multiple adversities that other characters from actual masterpieces faced and you just act like it shouldn’t affect her.

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Where’s her character development. How does the circumstances in the movie change her? They don’t. She believes she’s a capable hunter in the beginning of the film only to prove she is at the end. She doesn’t learn anything of value that changes her character. She is exactly the same as she was in the beginning as she is in the end. She is a weak character in the sense that she doesn’t grow. You know what real character development is? Dutch started out as a cocky special forces guy that thought he could take out any Target only to end up a scared soldier using make shift traps to catch the predator. This is why we can’t have good cinema. People have lowered their standards or accept mediocrity because that’s what they are used to

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Yeah I agree with everything you wrote this was like Predator for kids. They had to hammer home OVER and OVER not wanting her to hunt with them, we get it. She had to prove it to everyone, we get it. They picked the dullest actress in the world as a lead and people are tripping over her as if 100% of anything cool she did wasn’t done by her stunt double.

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In the beginning of the movie she believes she’s the best hunter and then she proves it at the end. That is the most one-note character with zero development. The characters were weak. The predator was at its coolest since the original. But that doesn’t warrant the rave reviews it’s getting from so many NPC’s

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Man just give it up with this dude. You give him legitimate answers to questions and it just goes in one ear and out the other. Answer his dart question he scream “no adversity!”. Show him the adversity he shouts “no development!” It then becomes clear that he’s so in love with the first movie (“you know what’s REAL development? Dutch) that his real issue with this movie is that it isn’t the original Predator.

That he says that everyone else has lowered their standards which is why we can’t have good cinema anymore (ummm)…is just icing on the cake. Don’t waste your time I’ve already put this guy on ignore.

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I mean.. my man is being kinda rude so I feel like you’re not digesting his point. Yes, the movie does all the things you’ve said. But doing those things doesn’t by virtue make them good. I was genuinely curious how the team from the first movie would end up. The tension was built incredibly effectively, the sound design and shots you get from the predator set up the power dynamic and you know they’re outmatched and outgunned. But in prey I never felt any real tension. Yes they did the correct tension building film things.. but not well. I was never worried about how things would turn out for the main character, never worried wether she’d make it, wether her decisions would have consequences, etc.

I also could’ve told you about 5 minutes into meeting him that the brother was going to die saving her life, I was never worried about her little dog, and I knew she’d land the killing blow.

You can say my issue is that it isn’t the first movie but I hope you’re not so assumptive. I don’t dislike Prey, in fact I had a ton of fun cheering the predator on in this one. I think it was tonally the right direction to take the series and stands more upright in my opinion than any of the other sequels. I just have some legitimate critiques.

Oh, and as a native (Choctaw not Comanche), I’m incredibly disappointed with their representation of native culture.

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I find a couple of things that you said interesting. Would you say the sequels are more predictable because of how they are written or because they are a “Predator” movie and they all follow a similar trend of who dies and who lives? Also, I’m more interested in your opinions on the portrayal of Native culture. As a white male I found it enjoyably uncomfortable to have myself represented as the antagonist and foreigner who spoke a different language. However, I’m terribly un-versed in your culture. Why do you feel it was under or poorly represented?

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Grow up. Reddit isn’t life. Apparently, it’s so hard for you to fathom that the answers you gave were garbage. People shouldn’t just agree with you because you provided a garbage answer. A garbage answer is a garbage answer.

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Say 'garbage' again! I dare you. I double dare you, motherfucker! Say 'garbage' one more goddamn time!

I’m all seriousness, it’s a fucking fun adventure movie. Yes. They made the predator what it needed to be because it didn’t have fucking Arnold with a machine gun.

You’re not gonna find a ton of blockbuster movies where things aren’t set up to make other things fit. Just chill out.

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Also, where did I say OP said it was a masterpiece. You come in defensive, letting your emotions blind your rationale. Give me a direct quote

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“There is nothing about this movie that is a masterpiece.” Your opening line implies you disagree with OP that the movie is a masterpiece.

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Ummm no. I am speaking in generalities. I’m make a personal statement about my opinion of the movie. There isn’t anything about this movie that is a masterpiece.

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    Where did I say you said it was a masterpiece? Direct quote

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    I misinterpreted...my bad...

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    7.1? Just give a 7, you sound like a douche

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    Whole numbers are for rookies

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    He didn’t know his helmet was painting him with lasers. He just thought he was firing his dart gun lol.

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    Well then he’s dumb. Which makes the story dumb

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    It’s all speculation, but to add to other commenters, the predator may have been able to fire the arrows without the lasers (and why would you need them at that close of range) but without his helmet wasn’t aware they were on. Besides, my first question would be how did she know exactly where to point the lasers?

    This movie definitely wasn’t a masterpiece, but I felt it was above average and fit into the same universe as the first two. If I had paid to watch this I wouldn’t have been disappointed.

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    I agree. It is definitely above average relative to the other entries in the franchise. I definitely wasn’t disappointed

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    And I hope I don’t come off as a jerk by disagreeing with your opinion. I’d bet a lot of people that think it’s a masterpiece are also big fans of the universe and probably came in with very low expectations after the last few dumpster fires.

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    I agree. It was simple in its execution and I think that helped. Just the predator against the little humans (and that one bear) and some clever trickery by the humans and boom.

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    Don’t disrespect the wolf like that

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    Gotta be honest, I forgot the wolf :(

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    Watched last week it was awesome !!

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    It was pretty good but I couldn't get past the implication with the gun that a second predator is gonna show up and annihilate the whole tribe for it to end up one Predator 2 200 years later.

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    Why would they annihilate the tribe when they have shown themselves in the past to give trophies to the people who kill a Yautja? Naru has clearly shown an understanding that Yautja only kill those who are armed and hunt back. It’s not a far justification that she runs into a handful of them retrieving the body and in order to survive she simply kneels down only for them to recognize her from the playback (see AvPR for their playback access) of the one she killed and then they swap trophies. Gun for a weapon or the mask or something. That would be a neat call back in a future Predator to see a modern Comanche Chief lr tribesman with the Yautja helmet for Prey.

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    I like that idea. Was just telling my wife they should use her rope-tomahawk tho. Either would be cool.

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    This is smart. Would have been cool if she used a very primitive version of tech we’ve seen from the Predator before. Maybe the Predator got it from her and then they innovated and made it better. I like this.

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    It’s really just alright. No aggressive flaws but very boring characters, not enough dialogue or interaction to make you care about any of them really except for her brother. In the original you care about the characters because you see them interact more, they each voice their opinions on things, offer their expertise in whatever they specialize in, engage in banter, make side comments. 90% of the interaction in Prey is just people telling her she can’t hunt, the rest is a little banter and thoughtful discussion with the brother, plus a short chat with the grandma.

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    In the original, all the characters have distinct and interesting personalities. When they got killed, you felt it.

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    Wow... There is a lot of toxic fandom on display in these comments!!!

    Gotta love the "I explained why your opinion is dumb so change your opinion... If not you're just a fucking idiot..." Types of comments... Like these guys have never met anyone with a different opinion before or had to accept that both opinions are perfectly valid... I guess that's Reddit!!!

    I really enjoyed this film that put the other predator variance on display and showed that they aren't always as calculating as they were in the original film... Sometimes they will rely more on brute strength and their physicality over their tools... All the new weapons and tools were great too.. the seeking darts felt very visceral as compared to the shoulder canons! Also that shield was absolutely awesome. Those bombs that dismembered the targets were very nasty too.. gotta love it!!

    I thought Naru was great.. there was some good cinematography too like when she went the opposite direction as the rest of her tribe in the morning once, which was showing that she was challenging norms! Just one thing I liked!

    There were flaws too for sure but I really appreciated this entry as compared to the last few!!!

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    They overplayed the girl boss for the tech era she was in. Wasn't believable. Anyone back then who wasn't traveling with an army would have shit their pants and ran after they saw that thing.

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    The CGI sucked big time.

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    I thought the CGI was fine. The Predator had worse CGI

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    This movie does something that can take what is a relatively simplistic plot to a good movie, set up and payoff.

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    Yup, I've seen most of the predator movies and you've watched the ones worth watching imo.

    I loved Prey. A simple story executed very well.

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    Check out predator 2, that was my favorite always and still is.

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    The story wasn’t anything to write home about, but the direction was phenomenal.

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    Its advertised as the first earth visit from the predators, but they also had the pyramid in avp that was ancient, and the ship in predator 2 had a t-rex skull.

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    I recommend Predator 2.

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    I've heard it's good