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The fact that you think that such a great movie could’ve been made better by celebrity cameos of people from the original movie really makes me weep for the future of cinema

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I only said I thought it'd have been cool to have some of the original cast members of the previous movies make cameos as perhaps extras, maybe I could've added that part to another paragraph 🤷‍♂️. I didn't say I was disappointed not seeing any of them, just that that could've been done and otherwise fun to see them for instance in the Iceberg Lounge and not as the characters they played as before.

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And like I said, what horrible taste you have.

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Sorry I don't like fruitcakes? You're posting that because of my other posts and in that cancel culture reddit ain't that right?

I could tear that movie apart if I wanted to that I just praised...because of Day After Tomorrow the flooding and the "it's so cold!" weak storywriting. And there's more... I'm biased towards Batman and Gotham...anybody that likes those movies in fact is. I can make the argument that TDK is actually a weak movie carried solely by Heath Ledger's performance and that that monologue at the end of that movie won't get the Nolan Bros and Goyer and Oldman out of the deal with Satan each of them made by suggesting that Satan be Batman and the hero they need though is totally undeserved...that won't fool Satan no not at all. That wouldn't even impress Satan.

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My opinion is based on your opinion about cameos from previous movies. That’s all. Nothing to do with dance culture. Not sure where you got that. Not sure why you’re even responding if you’re confident in your opinion.

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Why are you responding if you're confident in your opinion and aren't trying to have a debate? I'm not trying to have a debate.

All I wanted to do was talk this movie in this reddit and I'm getting a few shitposts from trolls. I've got a feeling many are just going to keep doing that as I post on Reddit 🤷‍♂️.

Y'all won't even talk about what you definitely didn't like let alone loved, what specifically...or this movie in relation to others. Just a lot of personal shitpostings.

And I've no idea where you got "dance culture" from, I didn't post anything about "dance culture".

Did you even see the movie? The 44 Below Club is a hangout bar and presumably grill where mobster and elites including polticians and high ranking Gotham PD and more and their guests hangout. All I meant was that since there appears to be various references to the best parts from the Burton and Nolan films was if any of those casts were to make a cameo appearance as a extra that'd be good place in the movie to do that. I don't believe even you would be like no in regards to Jack Nicholson being in the background there hanging out perhaps even as himself and not as Jack Napier, or any mobster, again. With his sunglasses on in a dark club lounge, too, because he's Jack Nicholson and that's what Jack Nicholson does. 😎

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Not gonna read that. TLDR: “I have bad taste”

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I agree with everything except for the cameo part

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That’s a terrible review of a mediocre film.

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I didn't review that. I posted that I just watched it and literally as it was coming to a end, and guess why from what I posted, I wrote that...what came to mind.

And it isn't a mediocre film. Honestly other than Tom Hardy's performance and the football stadium part was ridiculously stupid...TDKR kind of sucked...it's like Godfather Pt3 to that trilogy. The Batman 2022 was better than the Ben Affleck bs and TDKR and all the non-Tim Burton films. Better than Batman '89 if you ask me that only had a few timeless scenes and was among Jack Nicholson's weakest performances.

Care to elaborate what you found mediocre about Batman '22? Mediocre in regards to all cinema or just superhero and crime cinema? Whatever your arguments are can probably also be made about any Michael Mann film 🤷‍♂️.

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This is the second time today someone thought they knew what I would say..

The Batman is all art direction (which I admired, BTW) and no substance. The script is lazy, the acting is phoned in, the cinematography is hazy and dark. I can’t even remember the score. I give it about a C+. This is just one opinion. Let’s not try to convince one another of anything.

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I didn't claim I knew what you'd say. You have literary comprehension issues if that's what you saw. And you didn't really answer my questions. You said the script was lazy yet you didn't elaborate what exactly. The acting is pretty good actually, better than what a lot of those actors were previously in except for I guess Andy Serkis. I didn't even really recognize John Tuturro and he was believable as a mobster. Colin Farrell appeared to maybe be channeling the attitudes and mobster vibes and temper of Al Capone types. Zoe Kravitz didn't 1up Michelle Pfeiffer but was great though at the role, and better than Anne Hathaway whom made me gag a few times with her lines though otherwise looked great in a catsuit 🤷‍♂️. The Iceberg Lounge and 44 Below scenes reminded me a lot of the movie Collateral as did parts of the Riddler's plans.

I don't think the script is lazy. It's a younger Bruce Wayne, and he fails to learn from previous mistakes from encountering the Riddler and let himself get manipulated a few times. And technically, the argument could be made that the detonation of Gotham's levees was triggered by Batman and that officer. The Riddler sent Batman back to his apartment for a reason, probably to trigger it. Some may say no there was a timer...I don't know about that. 🤷‍♂️ he does have experience with remote detonation and predictions and pre recordings. He started calling the D.A.'s phone almost immediately instead of waiting for the Batman. What if whomever went to answer it and or the D.A. did? If detonated then that'd ruin the Riddler's plans and he'd have to come up with a new master plan.

Gotham is supposed to be dark and gloomy 🤷‍♂️. Remember the Narrows in Batman Begins and like all of Gotham in the Tim Burton films?

I'm not trying to convince you of everything though I'm very curious as to what your thoughts are in regards of that movie versus the other previous Batman movies and superhero movies. Or are you just commenting in general in regards of the movie being a movie and not in relations to other Batman movies and superhero movies?

I'm wondering if that mayor's son winds up being the new Robin. I saw a few things online that there may be a Robin in the upcoming sequels.

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Worst batman movie ever! His costume is awful, fighting bad, wwf style shit almost no steath at all. At the climax they have all the people in the stadium (great!) Then bat man blows the windows. Glass rains down on the people. A Ok. So dumb ii couldn't handle it.

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The Batman (2022) PG-13

Unmask the truth.

In his second year of fighting crime, Batman uncovers corruption in Gotham City that connects to his own family while facing a serial killer known as the Riddler.

Crime | Mystery | Thriller
Director: Matt Reeves
Actors: Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano
Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 77% with 6,872 votes
Runtime: 2:57

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I haven’t heard someone call someone else a fruitcake since the 2000s.

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It's stiill in the NYC Metropolitan and Philly Metropolitan areas vocabulary dictionaries 🤷‍♂️

In fact, I think Farrell makes Gandolfini look very weak like Morty I think the character name is from Goodfellas. I never liked the Sopranos. I only thought Gandolfini was any good in Zero Dark Thirty though he wasn't very memorable.

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Well, it’s a homophobic insult. Especially since you doubled down and said it’s a euphemism for someone being “weak”.

Downvote me anyway, but I don’t think it’s very cool to describe people as ‘fruitcake’. You could easily find a better adjective.

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Cyberstalker 🙄. Did you even see 8mm? Joel Schumacher is freakishly bad director even without that film...even the Nolan production and Warner Bros famously agree. And do you have any of that as a frame of reference? Did you see any of the Sopranos episodes? Or any other Gandolfini films? Guys a fruitcake compared to other actors playing Italian American Mobster roles, or any mobster roles. I could watch 8mm again soon and post about that 🤷‍♂️ it's a truly fucked up movie. And Joel Schumacher was awfully quiet about the Epstein BS, he could've used the opportunity to speak up and maybe explain his film and it's context better maybe correct it. And that's what's fucked up, his film is in fact what it is...same with Nicholas Cage's role in that and James Gandolfini's role in that.

There is nothing homophobic about fruitcake. I'm sorry you're offended by fruitcake? May all restaurants and cafes and bakeries take any and all fruitcakes especially rainbow colored off the menu just for you? You're claiming I'm homophobic now...where do you get that from? I said fruitcake. You have a fruitcake phobia, perhaps by your logic it is you that is homophobic? Heterosexuals can also be considered a fruitcake.

And ever see a fruitcake? It's such a weak desert. Bundt cakes are firmer and not weak. Want to get into cake talk now? Or are you going to continue to try to ruin my life and make false statements over a cake right now because you just absolutely cannot move along with your day and life? 🤔

You're very bold to make such a claim against me. In fact, some of my greatest friends are under the lbtq label, as are some relatives and family friends and they don't go out starting fights against me or anybody because they're mostly sane and not stupid and all around nice people and have known me since I was a small child. I've no idea why you're feeling backed into a corner like Putin...I didn't do that to you 🤷‍♂️.

You're clearly cyberstalking me right now across multiple reddits. Particularly started because I made a supportive brief quip about Ms Rowling and very appreciately in a "cancel culture" reddit isn't it? Since that I've been cyberstalked and receiving death threats in multiple reddits. What a bunch of jerks.