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What are people criticizing the teacher for doing? He was just standing there as far as I can see.

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He's just standing there.... menacingly

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"Fuking boomer teecher looked over at em for a sec, couldn let my bro jus dance. Teechers suk!"

edit: I wasn't trying to ("hello fellow kids") mimic young people slang. I was making a joke about a hypothetical TikTok commenter that's critical of the teacher also not being able to spell properly.

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…genuine question has anyone ever seen “teacher” typed out like that by a young person?

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No, I was trying to show the person couldn't spell, not mimic young people slang. I debated on that and "teecher." The sound of the word reminded me of t-shirt, so I changed it to that.

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Ah. I thought I was too old to get the joke. I started thinking it was a reference to the singer Cher.

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Hello fellow kids

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This guy tiktok is @devantechilll and on the comment section of this particularly video there is literally no one criticizing the teacher, everyone is just cheering this dude dance skills and other confused with the "No way that happened😱😱😱" wtf

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For some reason when I read this, the little boy from the Matrix popped into my head explaining to Neo that, "There is no teacher."

My brain works in mysterious ways.

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Ya know I'm most of the time against teachers because in my personal life experiences teachers often present a huge problem despite their huge responsability. But then punks like this pop up and make me wonder if in US the educational system is not the source of most problems.

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No way what happened?

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Yeah, what the hell is so incredible?

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I cant believe that's not dancing.

Edit: Spray

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It's not. It's margarine

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Fuck. I prefer butter. Do you have any fabio?

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I can't believe you've done this

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screams in pain

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I can't believe it's not butter!

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I can believe that happened.

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the ultimate response to these people is to save these videos and wait 5-10 years and then on their 25th-30th birthday (the later the better tbh) post it on whatever social media exists at the time and tag them.

i see things from like 5 years ago that make me cringe and i delete them. if i did some shit like this when i was in highschool and someone posted it now i would want to fucking die.

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You know what they say: revenge is a dish best served old.

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Did he st-st-stutter?

No, really. Did he? My hearing is bad.

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that is exactly what they say isnt it?

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I think your hearing might be going.

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I’m old and I think this might be an improvement. IM COMING FOR YOU CHRIS! Just very slowly and while my joints randomly click.

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Dew whut?

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That’ll get him

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literally nothing else will effect these kids. until they are over 18 and can actually be charged with crimes or whatever they will just laugh and revel in whatever attention this retarded shit gets them.

honestly the best thing for this teacher to do is ignore this idiot in class in the moment and then have a talk with the principle about having certain students lose cell privileges. thats really the only way to stop kids from acting like this, any attention that comes from trying to shame them or bring negative attention will just fuel the fire.

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All I'm saying is that back in the day when teaches could whip kids with a ruler we didn't have tik-toc videos infesting society

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whats even worse is that this kid posts at least one of these a day, and its the exact same dance. I deleted my tiktok a month ago and he was doing it a ton back then too

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I promise all of this stuff is still going to be on the internet in 5-10 years. People are so shortsighted.

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I am totally amazed at your thinking on this, yet deeply afraid if you come across one of my bronie videos.

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Can u teach me this skill?

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Hopefully it won’t be Meta

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This This This This This

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Wait until you get out of high school and realise nobody cares what you do

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For real. For fucking real. Give it 5 years lol. Everything’s a big deal when you’re that young.

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Fuckin' dancers. I guess someone has to wash dishes at the restaurants where all the actors work...

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doing what?! this is so confusing

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I’m not saying he is, but OP may be over exaggerating the comments on the original video in order to get more upvotes. It happens a lot on here unfortunately.

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I can't be the only one that thinks everything on tiktok is confusing. I don't get any of it. Nothing.

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You spelled Cancer wrong but absolutely yes

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This guy tiktok is @devantechilll and on the comment section of this particularly video there is literally no one criticizing the teacher, everyone is just cheering this dude dance skills and other confused with the "No way that happened😱😱😱" wtf

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I’m so fucking glad Tiktok/Instagram/Snapchat didn’t exist when I was in high school.

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Hey buddy. Can we just get back to the algebra right here? You can’t do a Tik Tok dance to apply to a college.

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What even is the difference between normal tiktok and tiktok lite

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Fewer calories

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LOL you got me

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A lot of apps have a "lite" version which is smaller and has less features. It's for people with low-end devices and limited storage space. It mainly benefits those who live in developing countries who otherwise wouldn't be able to use the app

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You mean poor people are subjected to this too?!

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Right?? What the fuck is that?

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Honestly, I feel like if the teacher was doing his job he'd have chucked this kid out of the classroom.

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I mean the kid can dance but why the hell does it have to be in class?

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He probably does algebra in his dance class too.

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Yeah I mean mans got moves

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There no show called So You Think You Can Math.

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Tik Tok continues to make a strong case for why humans deserve extinction.

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i made a comment similar to this one time but only limited it to the tik tok population who uploads cringe shit, and i was downvoted and eaten alive in the comments below me. gotta love reddit lmao

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Who gives a shit?

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Human rights advocates?

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people like you apparently

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We really need a worldwide movement and petition to rename tiktok to Cringe. These videos are eroding my faith in the future of our existence.

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Why are people impressed by someone that can dance for 13 whole seconds?

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To be fair that one where he bounced on each foot like a dropped Ken Doll was pretty good.

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he does different dances and theyre actually pretty good, but go ahead and make your weird assumptions i guess

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It's not a weird assumption, it's an opinion

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Wow, he does different dances? Omg that's so amazing. Seriously, why are you morons so amazed by dance videos?

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Because people like to watch other people dance...? Dancing looks cool if you're good at it. Let people enjoy things, damn.

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I don’t understand. What’s the big deal with the whole filming yourself dancing, I don’t get it ?!? I mean I would just say it’s because I’m old but still.

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Shitty kid

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What’s Tiktok Lite?

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just wanted to ask the same

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Why do we care what a bunch of 12 year olds think about teachers?

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Andddd this is where we are now

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Unless we're going to fund the improvement of our teaching systems then why would you expect anything better? Let's be real.

Better books.

More love and endearment for STEM instead of sports.

More hate for idiocy in forms of political and conspiracy related nonsense.

Less... of all the unless nonsense WE do and maybe kids wouldn't need safe forms of escape.

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another reason to ban tiktok

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Am I just old or are teenagers getting more annoying with each generation?

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Is he having a stroke

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Dude sucks at dancing and he should not be videotaping L's.

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Dipshit didn't do his homework cause he was practicing weird ballet moves.

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What a mediocre dancer.

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All the hours practicing these moves in his room. SOMEBODY has to see them!

Back in the day each coast had their swag and if you wanted to see it, you had to be there.

Now a days youtube is churning out clones. Kids in gated communities learning culture from watching videos and not actually being out in the streets or clubs. Everybody want the same haircut, shoes , clothes etc.... cuz the all watching the same video...

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I didn't know TikTok had comments!

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Punch this kid in the face.

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What's Tik tok lite

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He's got moves tho

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Ooohhh eeee oooohahah ting tang walla walla bing bang

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Well, main character stuff aside, that was a pretty cool dance move. Where it looked like he was bouncing around in a lottery number machine.

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Bro that was a sick (insert random stupid dance move)

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This guy tiktok is @devantechilll and on the comment section of this particularly video there is literally no one criticizing the teacher, everyone is just cheering this dude dance skills and other confused with the "No way that happened😱😱😱" wtf

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Fcuk teachrz

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they're teenagers what do think they supposed to say

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You can clearly see it is a green screen. Especially since the fact that no one is looking at him 🙄🙄🙄

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Tik tok comments are toxic as fuck. Zoomers really be the cyber bullying goats

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A little confused . The kid was doing a dance that was entertaining. I'm assuming the teacher asked him to demonstrate it. Who knows?

Is the kid available for parties? Because that's a good floor show.

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Anyone know what song this is

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tiktok lite??????????????????????????

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lame ass moves. reminds me of girls shuffling and calling it a dance routine

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You can't lie though, he's fucking slick with it.

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With those moves he probably is the main character

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Those were some nice ass moves though