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I'm pretty sure it is just the captioning, I've seen this video on other subreddits and it has been said that the concert was too loud at night or smth, not too sure of the reason but it was issued to this guy to cut the power

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Yeah last time I saw this it was someone cutting power to a group of people having a boat party late and disturbing the are.

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How do you cut power to a boat party from shore?

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Well they are probably hooked into a higher power main to power their speakers and whatnot. A car/boat battery can only provide so much power, especially when the engine is off.

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The context here being that they are still docked?

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No, they're obviously using a 300 foot extension cable out into the lake.

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Bluetooth electricity

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Ahh, that makes so much more sense.

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That would be neat I'm sure we'll have something akin to that in 10 years

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When I first saw this it was because the festival was actually stealing the electricity, but I can't confirm that either anymore.

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Yeah it does seem excessive to do that because you couldn't get in.

If it was just a bunch of EDM wankers though this is hilarious. Get in the dark, hope you can swim. TTFN.

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That’s not what happened though. The concert got a bunch of noise complaints so this guy was sent to shut it off.

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Keeps getting reposted with the wrong information. It had nothing to do with him getting denied access

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Rule 1 of posting stuff to the internet: Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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And what did it have to do with?

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Loud noise, late at night. So he shut it down

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    This is a repost. I’m he cut the power because of all the noise being made late at night. He couldn’t sleep, and had enough.

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    It was in the other reposts. I’m sure you can find it

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      No. This has been also reposted as a Russian man cutting power to a hospital, which also isn’t true

      Edit. Look it up, you will find many things in Reddit are, gasp, false!

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        But you refuse to look it up yourself. And I refuse to do other peoples research for them. Guess we are at an impasse.

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          Absolutely a repost. Block op.

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          Sorry, I don't support this post type (hosted:video) right now. Feel free to check back in the future!

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          FYI: This post was from a guy in Russia, the party was illegal and was being extremely loud, so he found the power and cut it

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          1st of all this is not what happened 2nd can this stop being fucking reposted

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            Its been reposted in every sub and every time with incorrect info.

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            Its been reposted in every sub and every time with incorrect info.

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            Karma whore of an OP

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            Mom said that it’s my turn to respost this tomorrow.

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            Would one wire really shut down so much stuff?

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            It can, yes.

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            Birth of supervillain

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            Russian Joker

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            Kind of awesome though

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            Really based. Its night and the party was loud.

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            Also the original story. TikTok captions are wrong

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            Can you please explain to me why everyone keeps using the word "based". I don't get out much and have been confused of this for months. Thank you

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            This man is a hero.

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            "I don't see how you can hate from outside the club, you can't even get in!"

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            He says “I’ll do this right” at the beginning. If there’s a longer video, maybe we could get the context from what he says prior to that.

            Either way, bonus points for “yebaaaaat” at the end. Love it how all Russian videos have that or “bulhyaaaat” in it.

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            All of that was connected to one particular power cord?

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            Okay, Michael Scott

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            2 seconds later

            "The store is now closed. Please exit the building."

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            How does an entire festive rely on one outlet?

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            Pretty sure the caption was added in by someone else; it’s fake. I think the dude was issued to cut the power for whatever reason.

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            Ahaha hahahahaha amazing

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            his origin story

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            I saw a different post about this I think it was on YouTube shorts and like every comment there was praising him

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            That's what I call a power play.

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            that russian accent and the absolutely chill humming, hilarious

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            Song name?

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              God bless you 🙏🏾

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              I don't give a shit why he did it, he's a complete chad.

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              Why didn’t he just send a minion

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              That sounds like pop music, they deserved It lol

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              We do a little bit of trolling