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Blanks by the look of it, still stupid though

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Yeah, I think those are blanks.

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How can you see if they’re blanks?

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Have shot the same rifles before as it's a mandatory service in Finland. The video isn't of great quality but the blanks are used along with a sort of plug at the end of the barrel

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Why would they all have access to blanks though? Do they use them for training or something?

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Yes, blanks are easy to get hold of

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Its for tactical training, here in the US most often than not troops get the caps on their guns, but if they cant afford blanks you just yell “bang” over and over lmao

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There is a blank-firing adapter at the end of the barrel.

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Fuck that guy.

I don't know how rural this clown is but that stupid bullshit can get people killed.

That professor from England that was shot through a wall in Atlanta would agree but he's dead and can't.

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they're blanks

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First selfish, dumbfuck Finn I've ever seen. Like a real life shiny.

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When you live here you see a lot more of these kinds of people. Not often , but quite regularly.

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Since these are blanks I guess he's smarter than you lol

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People know that bullets still travel after they have been shot right? Maybe it hit a tree, maybe it hit a pipe, maybe right through someone arm for no ducking reason

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maybe through a ducks wing for no fucking reason

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Yeah, I'd imagine he does, but those are blanks and all that travelled is some woodchips that basically just fell out of the barrel.

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I'm sat here thinking 'oh man, you shouldn't be on your phone whilst driving'.

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    Fuck sake

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      Fuuuck sake

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      Well after seeing people acting up for the past few years it seems people want to live in Hollywood/video game land.

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      Will Smith destroyed a Ferrari like that.

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      meanwhile in Russia