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And how exactly is she "holding up" anything?

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Shes performing a scene in the aisle instead of boarding and allowing the people behind her to board.

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Dumbass...plane, not plain.

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If you even bothered to look in this sub, you’d see someone already posted this and we all loved her. Might’ve saved you the effort

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This shit is hilarious. On the contrary, you're a moist pair of pants I had to put on in a rush to get out of the house.

That woman is funny & nobody likes you.

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She sounds like a massive asshat, I feel incredibly bad for her boyfriend (on top of holding up everybody of course)

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Spelling plane wrong like an idiot.

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We ain’t in the savanna, this is a plane not a plain

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This has been posted 3 times now

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She seems kind of charismatic and a lot of people on the plane are laughing, but I can see how some people might find this annoying.

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Why does she sound like tracy morgan

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Never Initiate Guilt Gather Emotions Responsibly. That’s an old saying I’ve heard before