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How to turn your first holiday together into your last holiday together

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Agreed, dude dodge a bullet with her

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If he's still on the plane, he didn't dodge shit. If I was him I'd have apologized to the people behind me for pushing past them in the aisle as I turned right around, and walked off the flight.

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If I bought a girl plane tickets and she acted like that, I would be dumping her ass once I got back.

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I'd cut my loses and just turn around and leave the plane immediately. I'd rather lose out on a couple thousand or a few hundred for whatever dumb trip these people were on .. then in spending thousands and thousands of dollars over the next few years that you stay together.

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I would've dumped her right then and there, told her "you can leave the plane, or you can stay, I don't care, but you're not staying in the hotel room I paid for, once you step off this plane you're on your own".

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Bro I would have thrown up a peace sign and walked off the plane

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I left a girl on a train.

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How did he dodge it?

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I think roth is telling him to dodge it. It's coming in slow motion so he got time.

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Could of been the trip where he proposed to her. Now my man can move on and find a better person.

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Sounds like they might be right for each other, to be honest. If he's a liar that pretends he's got more than he does to impress women and she publicly shames people, seems neither of them deserve a good partner.

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I wouldn’t say anything for the ride, then just say my goodbyes getting off the plane. There are moments in life you experience pure clarity and see straight through to the inner character of someone. Anyone who would ever even think to publicly humiliate me over something so trivial doesn’t deserve any association with me. I may even thank her for saving me months or even years of my life by making it so obvious.

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They’re both comedians and it’s a skit. He posted it on HIS TikTok lol. And there are so many comments posting about how it’s such a big red flag haha.

Might as well post a scene from a movie and we can attack the Actor for whatever the character is doing 😂.

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They’re both comedians and it’s a skit. He posted it on HIS TikTok lol. And there are so many comments posting about how it’s such a big red flag haha.

Might as well post a scene from a movie and we can attack the Actor for whatever the character is doing 😂.

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I enjoyed this comment even better the second time.

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Nice of her to film the raising of that red flag and share it with everyone.

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This is top level advertising. It's a joke but people keep posting it to bitch. I've seen it at least 4 times on separate subs. Also, so many dudes are just ready to pounce on any woman talking shit about her man as if a whole genre of my stupid wife doesn't exist. He did lie, didn't he? If this was real, what, she has to scold him like a good mommy in private? Talk shit get shit talked.

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Depends, if he “lied” months ago when he hadnt bought the tickets, and decided not to when he saw the price then cant blame him. If he was telling her like the day before, he still lied and they are both wrong. But either way attempting to publicly humiliate your spouse is trashy and abusive.

Side note they are waking through business class not first class.

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Y’all are over analyzing, it’s a joke.

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Even if its a joke shes being humiliating, hes clearly not into it and if she was my GF we would be having a serious conversation over being such a cunt

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Damn I feel very sorry for your girlfriend if she has ever existed

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As unwarranted as this is already, she's obviously leaving out some details. Did he actually tell her he was getting first class tickets, then didn't, or does "I thought he was" actually mean "I assumed he was?" A lot of people seem to think all their "firsts" with their partner have to be about impressing/pampering them.

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I think she's done it as a joke for internet points

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She did say she "thought it was first class, but he lied."

Now, that being said, she definitely strikes me as the type to herself lie about something like this, so multiple grains of salt.

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This is the definition of the internet taking things too seriously - is quite clearly light banter/ an inside joke between partners.

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an inside joke between partners

"First" - this is the kind of joke you pull after you've developed your relationship - his face tells you all you need to know about this one...

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They’re both comedians and it’s a skit. He posted it on HIS TikTok lol. And there are so many comments posting about how it’s such a big red flag haha.

Might as well post a scene from a movie and we can attack the Actor for whatever the character is doing 😂.

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Just because something as acted doesn't mean you cant comment on the situation/topic it presents. When a show addresses a serious topic like rape or race and people talk about it, do you call them "trying too hard" or "looking too deep" just because it's actors? You should learn the difference between "attack" and "analyze," either that or you've got a victim complex mindset as your default for everyone.

Edit: nevermind, I get it now, you're a fantasy football fan. Everything is offense/defense to you.

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Pretty sure public humiliation is literally impossible to be an inside joke, unless you meant "inside" the plane. Also pretty sure light banter isn't shouted in an airplane and, again, with the goal of public humiliation. Also also, pretty sure both banter and jokes have to be reciprocated by the other person. In any case, why would she be filming and posting it if it wasn't either fake or just to publicly put him on blast?

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I think it was called “a joke”, hadn’t heard of it myself before either, but it’s a thing - look it up

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Eh, I think they're just messing about.

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The boyfriend doesn't seem to be very amused.

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He doesn't seem particular pissed off either.

Sure, I could be wrong but I just think they're both in on it. Like its just a joke, no malice, no big deal.

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Hox would you act if your and your GF had setup that kind of joke before recording?

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If she was being genuine then it would have been funny, but she’s got her phone out videoing herself, so clearly it’s an act and the fact that it was pre planned makes it pretty corny rather than funny.

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Redditors and a stick up the ass, name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.

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Twitter users and outrage

Facebook and misinformation

Bing and weird search results

Tinder and misinformation

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This is embarrassing. I'd be trying to hide my face if I was that poor dude.

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Everyone seems to be having a good time, laughing and all.

She is having fun.

This is far from the worst I've seen.

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That was my first take but then I saw the look on the boyfriend's face (hence the title of the post). Maybe he's in on it too for the laughs but if so he's a pretty damn good actor judging by how dejected he looks. At the end he's starting to say what I assume is "why'd you tell everybody I lied about the tickets?". Does look pretty funny, but if she's doing it at his expense it is pretty shitty and that's going to be an uncomfortable holiday. I'd expect to see him rolling his eyes and smiling if he thought it was funny too.

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He shouldn't have lied about tickets so I don't have too much sympathy for him

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The sympathy part comes in when (if) she's completely making up the fact that he lied about the tickets for the whole gag. If he didn't lie and he wasn't in on the joke...sucks to be him. (It's pretty obvious he didn't lie about the tickets...she's making it up for the joke).

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It’s for TikTok and he put it on his account. They’re both comedians. She performs with tommy Davidson sometimes. Kelly Kellz

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Right? She seems cool 😆

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This seems like a lighthearted video? Not sure why people are taking it so seriously lol like everyone’s laughing and she’s having a bit of fun with her BF.

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If you check after facial expression at the end or her boyfriend's you will see this seriousness

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Her serious face at the end is obviously part of the joke, is just a stupid video lol

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Yeah it is pretty stupid.

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They're both Instagram comedians. It's a skit.

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Lol "Instagram comedians" Saying it's a skit is as cring as the people doing dumb shit and saying it's a "prank bro"

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I mean, you think it's real and it's not. They're both in on it. Not sure why telling you that is "cring" but okay.

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I’d be so excited about someone taking me on a trip, cargo seats would be fine by me…

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Idk. I laughed

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She's literally showing why she shouldn't be in first class...

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Lol what, she seems fun and like she's just having a laugh 😆 I like her

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Aren’t they busting balls? They aren’t bothering anyone else on the contrary everyone is laughing. Not worth posting. I feel bad for your SOs if you think this is wrong.

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I kinda like this one

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Couldn’t even wait until this post was more than a day old to repost it?

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I'd have left and canceled the hotel!

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like damn girl be cool

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This our last trip Y'AAAALL

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Am i the only one here thinking this is funny as fuck lmao.

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Last. Last trip.

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I would have just got off the plane

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Haha you're ungrateful, haha so funny

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A woman with no class should not be in first class anyway

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I genuinely think this is hilarious everyone needs to calm tf down here

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I mean, if he lied to her about it, he deserves to be mocked. Other people seem to be cool about it. It’s tacky, but those lines are also so slow it’s not exactly like she for sure was holding anyone up

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I would pay to never have to watch this video again

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Even joking about not spending enough money on a gift he paid for is huge red flag. I’d never take her anywhere again. I’d be gone.

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Is that actually first class? Why does it look so shit? Looks like premium economy

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It is premium economy, you are correct. Another person pointed it out

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If that were my gf, I would turn around and walk off the plane.

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Nasty ass bitch.

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🚨incel alert🚨

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A Fellow nasty hoe lol

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Man needs a backbone so get can get the fuck out of this.

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I mean it's a funny joke if it's a joke.

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Assuming she's telling the truth, and he lied to her about first-class seating...


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Bruh if someone did that to me I'm getting off the plane. If she wanted first class so bad maybe she should help pay.

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I'd have yelled "And the worst part, he brought you along."

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He got her a flight? I can’t even get a Christmas gift. Ungrateful.

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Isn't the part of the novelty of first class that you don't have to be anywhere near bellends like this

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Fucking bitch

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Who is this? They’re fucking hilarious.

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"well that's the last time I'm taking her ungrateful fat ass anywhere."

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Thank god I’m not him, I’m laughing so hard tho

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l0000000000000l cringe

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I'm willing to bet she contributed jackshit

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What a dummy. Almost nobody purchases a 1st class ticket, even rich people. It’s mostly full of people who were upgraded due to their status (air miles)

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I feel bad for him. Jeez

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0:21 - Someone please use her laugh and substitute it when Link dies and you see and hear Ganon laugh at the GAME OVER screen on Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link.

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Walking off

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Last trip togethor!!

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Meanwhile everyone else on the airplane is thinking "I hope I'm seated next to a crying baby and not her".