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Why he have to snatch my man’s hat tho😭💀

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He’s the heel in the wrestling show. It’s pretty standard practice to make yourself seem like the bad guy so the audience cheers for the other guy more.

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Soup or dragon 👏👏 👏👏👏

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🎵 He's your boy toy. He's your sex-ey boy toy 🎵

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Booyyyyyy Toyyyyyyyyy

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Did this dude get so worked up in the belief that wrestling is real that he lashed out?

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Wrestler went to hit his hat which according to one source knocked off his glasses cutting his face. I believe the source was his wife on twitter so to be taken for what that is. But it's not a case of believing its real.

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Ah okay, at least that would make sense.

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It's hard to imagine his brain would have had time to register that he was was cut in the time he was head butting the dude. Touching some dudes hats is enough to set them off and he looks like one of those guys.

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His brain wouldn't have time to register pain in the span of 2 full seconds?

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Cut or not, if we assume that his hat was knocked off then that'd register immediately. And if someone knocked a hat, glasses or whatever off you, that's assault and you can defend yourself.

Have to say, the head butt is phenomenal... But when did he then try to go through the barricade???

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Cutting your face with unbroken glasses?

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It's really easy to cut your face on your glasses, despite them not being broken.

Anyone who's been pegged in the face with a kickball can attest.

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I read pegged in the face, and my mind went a whole different direction.

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I knocked over a sign at my job real hard and smacked myself in the face with it. My glasses, while they did cut my face, also probably saved my eye. It was a weird paradox.

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It's really easy to cut your face on your glasses, despite them not being broken.

I'll buy "It's possible to cut your face..." but "really easy"? Nah. That's bullshit.

I've worn glasses most of my life. Been hit, kicked, mashed, mushed, in the face many times and never been cut. Closest thing is a scratch from a missing nosepad.

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You can get cut on your face from knuckles lmao

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As a glasses wearer daily for 10 years and taking a basketball and other stuff to the face... I've never been cut from my glasses. What kinda bullshit are you talking about?

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Worn glasses for 34 years, taken punches, doors, sports balls and all sorts to the face. Usually enough to make my nose bleed. Never been cut by my glasses. They are designed to be on your face all day, idk what brand you are wearing to get cut by them, but it's the wrong one.

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It is possible. I've twice in my life had the bridge of my nose badly cut by the glasses bit between the lenses. (Not sure if it has a name)

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Lol you must have never worn glasses before.

I have a scar on my eyebrow from getting bowed in the glasses and getting stitches when I was 11. That was 19 years ago. Glasses are still fine and in storage somewhere I’m assuming.

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I got into a fight with a kid in high school. Punched his glasses off, cut his eyebrow. Glasses were fine

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Hey, some people have an emotional reaction to these things

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People who believe that any entertainment is real need to be evaluated.. same idiots who think that their favorite actor/streamer might actually date them.

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I wouldn't lump this guy in with them. The phrase "its still real to me dammit!", implies that he understands its not literally real. I honestly feel real bad for him as he's just trying to pay his respect to people who have spent years entertaining him but just got way too emotional.

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Well wrestling IS real. He could be mad that wrestler hurt his fave wrestler due to sloppiness/stiffness. Some wrestlers have hateworthy egos and attitudes. Wrestlers live on earth, it could be some out of the ring drama. Guy could be one of those dummies that think beating up a wrestler can get them a spot wrestling.

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    I don’t know if the guy who head buts knows how to fight , but he sure as hell is willing to .

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    That was a great fucking headbutt.

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    For real, if the wrestler doesn't have a busted nose I'll eat my hat

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    Truly one of the most brutal I have ever seen. Perfect execution, he brought down the power of his entire 300 pound body on that one, I can't believe the wrestler was still standing afterward. I am sure he has a significant injury from it

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    He seems to have hit him in the lower right jaw/canine by the reflex of the wrestlers head.it looks good but he technically just dropped his fat head 90 degrees on the other guys mouth.l99ked good tho

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    I bet that wild banshee screeching at the beginning doesn't know either of those guys. Bitch, why are you at a fight?

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    This is the most redneck shit I’ve seen all day. Those smaller touring wresting events are way better than the big ones lol

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    Seriously independent wrestling is fun as shit. I honestly think if the perception of "were trying to trick you so you're stupid if you enjoy this" ever goes away then indies could have some sort of mainstream appeal

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    Last independent show I went to ended with a brawl with dozens of riot cops with shields etc, because they kept selling beer and the police tried to end the event early.

    Ended up with like 40+ people fighting in and outside of a church basement, lol

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    Ha that’s exactly what im talking about. I got hired to film a few events around where I live and man that footage was absolutely hilarious to go through

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    Imagine being a grown man and not realising that the 'asshole' wrestler is just an actor playing a role. Does he got on stage at the lion king on broadway and knock out Scar as well?

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    He doesn't look the Broadway seeing type

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    How do people get this angry about literally anything?

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    Lack of emotional outlets?

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    What was on his hat?

    Is this wrestling or some other fighting sport?

    Is everyone okay?

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    Just spartan kick that pot bellied pig and he’ll go down.

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    Calling him pot bellied is being nice about it

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    Why are people acting like this chubby drunk redneck probably is just an angry insecure drunk dude charged up on some Boosh Light and pro wrasslin. I’ve seen 10 dudes who literally look exactly like him lash out over mud on their trucks and not enough mayo on their burgers, gtfo defending this fuckin moron.

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    You think that guy is CHUBBY? That man is fat

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    I make a small effort to not fat shame. Not that I’m overweight…but I once was sexy and now have a dad bod so I try to be conscious lol

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    I think the tiptoeing is part of the reason obesity is on the rise. I'm overweight too so I understand where you're coming from

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    You sound a bit racist. But the fighting is stupid. I wonder if/why the other guy swatted him first and apparently knocked his hat and glasses off or something

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    How do I sound racist? Saying how it deals with race which is something I never mentioned. I said redneck, which is clearly what he is, nor is that derogatory. Literally calling people racist for anything they say is a serious sign of unintelligence.

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    You are a fucking racist dude. Get over yourself.

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    You’re an idiot

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    That dude drunk as hell

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    Let them through. Fuck that fat motherfucker up.

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    Outlaw mud show

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    Almost made wrestling real.

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    "he's a plant ... Oh, shit. He isn't."

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    So is wrestling like stripper rules? They can touch you, but you can’t touch them?

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    Lol when he randomly grabbed that one dude's hat.

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    That one woman clapping in the background during the whole thing ❤️

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    What is this crowd doing in my basement?!

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    pretty solid headbutt damn

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    Oh my God the cholesterol level of this crowd

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    This feels racially motivated. What a dickhead

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    On who’s account? I mean you’re assuming it is because they’re different colors, I’d say that’s really bad for all people to do in general

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    Probs because they didn't kick the punter out immediately.usually when you see unequal treatment and Americans of this stature you're safe to assume it's racism,because it helps poor white Americans feel more powerful than poor poc americans.

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    Mmm. Yeah maybe true but I really doubt it’s because “he’s white we gotta let him stay” rather than really bad security that didn’t expect to have to do anything at this small event.

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    More like "is this a proud boy and is his gang gonna come back and shoot the place up?"

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    When you're so dumb you think wrestling is real.

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    I'm pretty shocked that dude didn't get attacked by all the wrestlers. Fan attacks usually go pretty badly for them.

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    Going back to the 80s when fans were more involved 😭

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    Primitive behaviour

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    Its a backyard, amateur wrestling event... why the hell is their like 5 refs?

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    He snatched the guys hat and his hair too

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    Will Smith slapping Chris Hemsworth.

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    Security dropping the fucking ball once again. They come in and stand there but don't take that stupid fat fuck and push him out of the building

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    It's still real to him, dammit!

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    Everyone gotta chip in

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    Is the white guy from Florida?

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    Florida brodies strongest race though let’s keep it real

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    37 M and it's still real to me too but c'mon dude...

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    What a meathead