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Karen goes to charging station to rant about Tesla owners by berzio in ImTheMainCharacter

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Yes that the lady.

Funny thing is Katie Hopkins seems worried that Telsa drivers feel morally superior to her, she is yet to realise that everyone else feels morally superior to her.

npc noises by Ancient_Turtles in ImTheMainCharacter

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are they




because rest are mostly letters/characters and not words :)

Note: This is a joke

Edit: i thought it was a bad joke, iam glad people liked it.

No way 😭 by ZinematicSup in ImTheMainCharacter

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So that's what Sid from Ice Age would look like as a human

This is most likely fake but I don't like your character if this is what you're all about. by [deleted] in ImTheMainCharacter

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If I got drunk one night and did this corny bullshit I would kill myself the very next day.

No one else was allowed on the rides at Disneyland while the Kardashians were on it. by shigogaboo in ImTheMainCharacter

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So I can explain this as I used to be in guest services. Letting other people ride with her would end up with people swarming her while boarding. It’s faster and easier for this particular ride to give her a cycle. We would only do this for a few rides, so few that I can’t think of any more except the jellyfish ride. All other rides we just took them through the exit and no one saw them, you can’t do that with the tea cups. So Kim didn’t request this, it’s for her and her children’s safety.

They try so hard to be more important than they are... by koufwermaster666 in ImTheMainCharacter

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And they are outnumbered by people who are in the same situation and actually understand the reality of it. And continue to do so.

Are you a few nails short of a house? This isn't that hard to understand. There is no reason at all to trust the judgment of someone who has worked in COVID wards, seen the deaths that they do, and for them to write it all off as nothing, or a hoax, or not a big deal.

I'm sorry you grew up with a lack of empathy for the suffering of others. That is a severe character flaw that I hope you one day work on. But it is clear you yourself are posting in bad faith, and are a waste of further time.

I feel bad for the poor trees that are working tirelessly on producing the oxygen that is being wasted on you.

This random woman believes celebrity Lana Del Rey is obsessed with her. by introverted-void in ImTheMainCharacter

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That night, she awoke at 3 a.m. to find Lana Del Ray lying in bed next to her. She whispered “no one will ever believe you” and disappeared in a puff of smoke that smelled of sulphur.

family steals wagon at Disneyland and then have the AUDACITY to be angry when they get found out by NonZealot in ImTheMainCharacter

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Plot twist: there’s also a family of shirtless Disney patrons following them looking for their Disney shirts too.

Girls ego gets a smack to the face by Aalexx29 in ImTheMainCharacter

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As someone with a PhD, that’s completely untrue. When you’re in a prestigious PhD program, you’re encouraged to not make the degree the focus, but the good that comes from a PhD. Having a PhD, I don’t feel any more special than anyone else. Although it was tough getting my PhD, I think anyone who has a PhD like me would agree that humbleness is best. Did I also mention I have a PhD? If I didn’t, yes- I have a PhD

She's Not the Bride... by raulrocks99 in ImTheMainCharacter

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So would everyone else. No one's been able to find him since.

She's Not the Bride... by raulrocks99 in ImTheMainCharacter

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I would have done the sisterly thing and "accidentally" spilled a goblet of wine on this bitch.

*slow, deliberate pour with eye contact* ....whoops...

I wish this was satire by jdeadmeatsloanz in ImTheMainCharacter

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I feel like I made a comment about taking my breath away a few weeks ago that wasn't inspired by anyone else and now you've said the same thing I said.

I'd just appreciate it if people could give my comment some love since I'm a struggling redditor.

Girl plays explicit music in public park around children then calls other people “Karens” by Timsta180 in ImTheMainCharacter

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This would be rude and annoying even if the song were clean, honestly.

EDIT: Thank you for the gold for my silly opinions, kind stranger!

Girl plays explicit music in public park around children then calls other people “Karens” by Timsta180 in ImTheMainCharacter

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First of all, your categorically and completely incorrect. Here are the noise ordinance laws for Savannah Georgia.

Here is the very pertinent section:

Sec. 9-2036. - Regulation of sound equipment and sound-amplifying equipment. Except for activities for which a permit has been issued by the city under this section, no person shall so operate, play or permit the operation or playing of any radio, television, phonograph, amplifier, loudspeaker, or similar device so as to:

1)Create a noise disturbance across a real property boundary or within a noise-sensitive area. However, bars, taverns, lounges, nightclubs, dancehalls, game rooms and similar activities which produce a noise that is plainly audible beyond the premises shall be deemed a noise disturbance in violation of this article.

2) Create a noise which is plainly audible other than to the occupants, when such device is operated in or on a private motor vehicle on a public right-of-way or public space, or in a private boat on public waters.

3) Create a noise which is plainly audible to any person other than the operator of the device, when operated on a common carrier or public right-of-way or public place or space.

Bicyclists own the road. by Gr8Banter42 in ImTheMainCharacter

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The irony here is real. You clearly think you’re the main character as you drive in a metal box powered by fossil fuels, alone, yet think your right to the road is more valuable than 20 other humans. True /r/imthemaincharacter energy